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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Author Jerri Aubry/Cote

Hey there! Welcome to my blog page. I hope you will come and blog here with me often. For my very first blog I wanted to talk about my newest book that isn't quite ready for publishing but I thought I should get some feedback from you guys out there.

OK so here it is folks are you ready? About me. I am a mom of two boys and married happily to the love of my life. I have my masters in Psychology and I am a Reiki Master and crystal healer. I am also the author of several books too. I am also and intuitive and psychic and do readings, healings, and am very spiritual in nature. My likes cover many different areas such as the metaphysical world, crystals which I use to heal health issues and for anything else I or someone may need. I love to read mystery book, horror books, thrillers, and just those great all around novels you can't put down.

I have been writing since I was 12 and have several pieces of poetry along with the books I have written. I always knew it was in the cards for me to do all these things this makes me unique. I will be writing books on healing, reiki, angels, and self help books like the one on quitting smoking and I have a book about saving marriages since I save my own from a divorce that I faced. So this blog could be very unique in the fact that we could be talking about writing, books, healing, metaphysics, werewolves, demons, vampires, and spirit guides and much more. I hope that you find it interesting to hang out and please comment and interact with this blog.

So my book is a quit smoking book. I know "There are tons of quit smoking books out there," but I have like many others tried many of those and it didn't work until I did this program that I share in my book. So for this blog I would like to gain insight from all of you on what you feel is most important in a quit smoking book. I want to make sure all bases are covered and the book itself has been written off my experience, which I share with the world. So there is more to me than meets the eye.

I also have been working with people who have developmental disabilities such as autism and have a few books on that subject to come out including a toilet training manual that just needs to be put together so we could be talking about aspects of that and behavioral therapies. Should make for a interesting blog site. 

So come in and join in the fun and let me know what you want to see in a quit smoking book or what you feel was missing for others that have tried but failed to quit:)

So why am I writing this book? Because it took me forever to quit because I could never find the right program for me:  Of course there is another very important aspect, CANCER!!

Almost all of my family has smoked and almost all have died from Cancer. I recently published a book about how Cancer has affected my world and I think smoking is just one of the reasons to why. I know there are many other reasons but it is really hard to accept any of those when you see a link between smoking and Cancer.

There now that I have that out let's get back to this blog and you letting me know what you want to see in a quit smoking book. Happy blogging