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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I was interviewed for my newest book to be released some time this summer. My newest book, "Living in a Ghost Story," is an anthology of my true real life experiences with ghosts. I was unable to share my experience with people as a child so decided as an adult to share my story. Although, my story does not end in this book, I continue to have experiences that are both scary and not so scary in my life. If you want to hear all about it then check out this site and listen to my interview with John Fortuna at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/johnfortuna.

Caroline Myss on Chakras

Psychic Energy: Feeling Chakras, Kundalini, Chi and Subtle Energy

I have always felt some kind of psychic energy or subtle energy since I was a child, but I did not know what it was. I would feel it in bed at night as I relaxed and drifted off to sleep. It felt like swirls on my skin, or even like a bug on my skin turning in circles. It freaked me out and scared me.
I began to understand what it was when I started meditating, because I could relate having the sensations on my skin and inside my body to the act of meditation since they occurred at the same time.
Then one day we were driving around looking at houses for sale and the muffler fell off the car. We were 50 miles from home, so we drove home with the floor vibrating. My feet vibrated with the floor. A few hours later and my feet were still vibrating! That was years ago now, and my feet still vibrate every day. Later I learned that this foot energy is called "bubbling spring energy well" in Tradition Chinese Medicine and that the sensantion of it it can be turned on by motion, drugs, and sickness. (Understand that these energies are always working in the body, rather they are felt or not; lack of sensation does not imply a lack of energy.)
I studied under a Chi Kung Master who trained me to move the energy from my feet to my lower dantian and turn it off. This Chi Kung Master claimed mu vital chi was being drained and it would shorten my life. I practiced this for a long time before I discovered Vedanta and a genuine enlightened teacher - who encouraged me to just accepted it 'as is' and I stopped trying to 'move' it to a better place.
Subtle Energy is subtle, which seems obvious, but it really isn't. Most people think it is a dramatic thing or a forceful and powerful thing that will take you over. I have had those types of experiences too, but overall subtle energies are extremely subtle, at least in the beginning. At first I only felt these energies while meditating. Later on the sensations of psychic energy would begin when I got into bed at night. Soon enough they were happening whenever I relaxed and now they go on all the time; 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
What Psychic Energy feels like:
- Shifting sands/sands in an hourglass - 'normal' type energy flow that I am used to feeling most all the time.
- Energy that feels like crushing or heavy energy movement
- Cold energy and heat energy
- Heart beat or blood pumping energy - took me years to realize this is not my heart beat nor is it my blood I am feeling. It is a type of chi. I moved what I thought what my heartbeat (it was beating in my big toe at the time) to my stomach with a single thought. That was when I realized it was something new.
- Tingle-type energy, different from normal tingles, feels like when your foot is asleep and then wakes up - slightly painful and uncomfortable; may be this is stagnant energy
- Bubbling energy - small and large - in the feet almost constantly
- Muscle twitches (feels like, but when I place my hand there nothing is really twitching)
- Magnetism feeling, usually occurs between my legs when both legs are full of energy
- Wuji Ball - felt in my lower stomach area. Feels magnetic, size of a basketball, and it felt two-sided with an equator. It vibrated and hummed.
- Mild electrical type feelings - but not shocking like when you get shocked by actual electric
- Energy traveling along meridians as shown in Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Kundalini and Chakra energy as shown in Hindi Folklore
- Energy coming from my navel, super fast like a jet - subtle body
- Energy outside my body, about 6 inches in front of my body - subtle body
- Chakra Energy - felt as sounds hit my chakras. The smallest sounds can over stimulate me and give me a startle. At times, this chakra energy has been similar to being shell-shocked and it was the hardest one to get used to. It is great to feel music hitting my chakras.
-'Saw' energy in the form of a black cloud approx 6 feet in diameter after I complimented some one. (Thought forms)
- Was meditating and I 'felt' the UPS guy looking for my house. Somehow my mind connected with his for a few minutes and I felt him searching for my house number. About 5 minutes later he pulled in with a package for me.
- Energy Vortex - I felt energy that sucked - in the mountains, at a place called 'the Furnace' and from people. This energy gives off feelings: of uneasiness, of anxiety, of being startled, and if it is big enough - of being deathly afraid and you want to run away. I have also felt energy that blew instead of sucked - most people are drawn to energy that blows (they say Sedona, Arizona blows.) I noticed that normal people will avoid energy suckers. Are the energy suckers psychic vampires? I have no idea... Some say energy moves in these 2 directions (sucking - blowing or out - in, if you prefer), period, and that it doesn't mean anything, we just experience it differently.
- Energy when drifting to sleep.. felt the 'sand' the sandman pours into us.. I felt descend into me, putting me to sleep. I watched it happen - as an observer. The 'sand' went into my head, it felt like snow on the TV or when your foot falls asleep - sort of like pins and needles. It went in, and slowly filled my head, as it did I drifted into a dream. It was like someone was pouring it into a water-pitcher, my head was the water-pitcher.
I had always wanted to become psychic and win the lottery. I really did not think either would happen. I was totally skeptical of psychics - I was sure they were all frauds. After I began to feel energies, I could easily sense which psychics were "faking it" and which ones were real, in fact when I watched Reiki videos, I could literally see it! (It seemed to be split 50/50; which ones were faking it and which ones were real.)
When I had my first kundalini awakening it was extremely dramatic. Energy rose from my left big toe up and through all the chakras until it reached my nostrils, there it switched sides and starting rising up from my right toe. This energy did not feel subtle, in fact, it was immense! It felt like snow on a TV when the channel is off or similar to pins and needles only more powerful. When it finally reached my head it filled up my head and shot out of a high third eye - where unicorns have their horn. After that I entered a state of Samadhi for well over a month.
To date, I have categorized dozens of different psychic energy feelings, chi sensations that follow the meridians as seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine, psychic impressions, chakra feelings, chakras activating, etc... And I have also experienced 'becoming one with' many different things such as: storms, sounds, the breath, music, window fans, and my dishwasher. I have had multiple kundalini awakenings and sometimes they were quite scary. I have had chakras spin and kundalini rise from my belly button that was faster than a jet engine that astral projected me from my body.
I began hand crafting psychic and spiritual jewelry in the 90s as a hobby. Soon I was getting emails from buyers thanking me for their spiritual and energy awakenings. Without trying I was passing along shakti energies in the jewelry I created.
Everyday I am amazed and grateful for these gifts I have been given. I am more than happy to help others along this path whenever I have the opportunity. So many times I wished there was someone there to answer my questions. It took years of searching the internet to even begin to figure out what was happening to me. There is so much information available on the internet, but most of it is misleading half-truths.
I became an Energy Psychic because of my intense spiritual practices and seeking. I am having spiritual and energy awakenings with immense activity in my meridians, chakras, third eye, and subtle body. I have new psychic abilities emerging spontaneously. I had an experience of self-realization and I became a renunciate (Sannyasi) because of this experience. Since then I found a teacher, I have exposed my mind to the teachings of Vedanta, and I practice Vedanta exclusively and unceasingly.. Namaste to all.
Written by Melissa Mc Carthy from sageofspace.com; an Energy Psychic who hand crafts psychic and spiritual jewelry for activation of chakras, awakening of Kundalini Shakti and psychic energy. Melissa has passed these energies onto the jewelry and spiritual items she creates and others have has similar awakenings after purchasing her jewelry.

Monday, May 27, 2013

How does Kundalini help with depression and panic attacks?

Depression, Panic Attacks and Kundalini Energy

Hectic lifestyles and a propensity towards diseases have given rise to cases of severe depression and panic attacks. While medicinal treatment as well as therapy is used mostly to alleviate the negative impacts and effects of these ailments, recent studies have shown that using the Indian concept of Kundalini healing can help to cure these psychological ailments permanently.
Let us begin by examining what the two interrelated illnesses of depression and anxiety signify. Studies have shown that panic attacks and accompanying depression are the most widespread psychological problems as they can manifest due to a number of reasons and can be triggered off by various factors that we encounter in daily life. Regular stressors such as traffic jams, financial worries and arguments can create a tendency towards these ailments.
According to medical data, people who are prone to anxiety have a core biological susceptibility that increases the risks. Anxiety follows a defined path. People develop a fear of a certain situation or encounter which causes them to have calamitous thoughts regarding the same. These negative thoughts continue to expand until the individual is rendered almost helpless by the fear.
Consequently, the individual tries to avoid that situation and over time, the avoidance actions as well as multiple physical symptoms of the stress become aggravated and develop into a chronic illness.
Anxiety is known to often be by accompanied by depression. Depression can be understood to be chronic levels of feelings of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, distress and despair. The effects can cause a problem in every aspect of life, be it personal, social or professional.
The symptoms of anxiety and depression include trembling, sweating, heart palpitations, and dizziness. Breathing problems, stomach ailments and chest pains and discomfort too indicate the onset of an anxiety attack.
It is important to understand that the effects of anxiety disorders and depression, such as anger, disinterest, fear and despair also work to cause more of the same illness, thus transforming into both causes and effects.
The ailments form a vicious cycle and give rise to other lifestyle problems such as malnutrition, stress and inefficiency. Seeing as to how these illnesses can damage an individual's life in a variety of spheres, ranging from mental and emotional to social and professional, it is imperative to be able to cure them effectively.
As mentioned earlier, while medicines and therapy do help, the Kundalini form of treatment has gained much recognition and appreciation of late. While it is an extremely popular phenomenon, the method is still gaining recognition.
Let us study the concept and how it can be used to cure depression and anxiety related health issues. The term "Kundalini" is a Sanskrit word that can be literally translated to mean "coiled". It refers to a certain intuitive, subconscious, and often inherent life force that is visualized to lie coiled or curled at the base of the spine in one's body.
According to lore, the Kundalini force is to be visualized in the form of a sleeping serpent or a goddess that rests coiled at the base of the spine.
It is believed that this life force or power can be awakened as needed to combat various illnesses of the heart, mind, soul and body. By description, the Kundalini energy force is said to constitute a part of the "subtle body" covert, almost hidden components that one is not consciously aware of but can delve into, should the need arise.
It is believed that the Kundalini energy force falls into the category of bodily energy points such as the various Nadis (channels of energy) and the Chakras (the centers of energy) that are used in Yoga, Tantra, Chinese Acupuncture and other forms of alternate medicine and healing. The Chakras are all said to possess unique properties and special healing powers that can be used to overcome health problems and ensure a healthy and wholesome way of living.
The use of Kundalini techniques implies awakening this sleeping energy by the means of methods of breathing, physical exercises, chanting, visualization techniques and following a life of ascetics. The Kundalini energy is said to then travel upwards from the spine to the head, where it strengthens the mind by bringing in a state of psychological illumination and enlightenment.
Let us now study how Kundalini energy is to be used to cure depression and anxiety. It is believed that the depression is caused by confines or injured areas of the brain which could have been caused due to some arrested development.
These damaged areas are referred to as the Miasmas and it is believed that they have been caused due to some stressful factor and have been further augmented due to prolonged stress. One of the practices advised in order to be able to cure the depression is to spend significant amounts of time in the sun. It is believed that sunbathing along with sun gazing helps to lift the spirit, release the Kundalini energy and overcome the state of mental fugue that clouds the spirit and dampens hope.
Depression is also said to be caused by deficits in serotonergic levels and exhaustion of the noradrenalin adrenergic receptors. This also causes excess secretion of the hormone aldosterone which has sodium retaining properties, causing salt and fluid retain in the body. Regular exercises and intensive Yoga are to be practiced daily in natural environments in order to be able to overcome these effects of depression.
Greenery and fresh air are imperative during Yoga as they help to clear the mind and air the body, thus also lifting the spirit and battling negative thought processes.
It is said that this exercise serves as a form of movement therapy induces rehabilitation of the brain by creating new brain cells that form healthy neural connections and do away with the prior ailing ones.
This awakening of the Kundalini energy must be accompanied by a healthy and happy environment which comprises of strong emotional bonds of love, caring and mutual trust because a happy and content frame of mind is required before being able to tackle serious problems of the brain.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini means coiled. It is a serpent like energy found at the base of your spine in the root chakra.  It is considered a goddess that is asleep at the base of the root chakra until the host is ready to wake and release it. Awakening of Kundalini can feel intense as it moves through each chakra making it way to the 7th chakra and out to the cosmos. Thus a person in a heavy meditation can hold the intention to awaken this serpent energy. This person may feel many different sensations when doing this. Some may be uncomfortable and possibly scary. Some involuntary bodily movements such as spasms, or muscle twitches might happen. It is said to feel like an electric volt of energy move through your spine and if you aren’t ready it can take you by surprise.

What is Kundalini energy? In reality it is your potential as a human and beyond. When you unlock it you are unlocking your own higher power and making a connection with the cosmos. This we call universal consciousness or God consciousness. Many who consider Kundalini to be the goddess Shakti. When Shakti reaches the brain she collides with the person’s Supreme Being and the two mesh or become one. When this happens the person may experience an almost out of body experience where they feel like they are somewhere else and they may feel bliss, happiness, and joy. In unlocking your Kundalini energy you have allowed yourself to gain Divine Wisdom. You may find that you are having visions or even hallucinations. Knowing that these may occur during the awakening process can help alleviate any anxiety that plagues you.

So how do you awaken Kundalini Energy? Guided meditation that will take you through the process is what many do in order to open this center. You could also engage in Kundalini Yoga which is designed to open this energy center to help you gain enlightenment. Before even attempting to open up your Kundalini you need to make sure that you have no fear about it and that you are already spiritually developed (meaning practicing a belief system that includes spirituality).

Before you do a meditation or go to a guru that will help you to open this energy you need to know how to ground yourself. Grounding will be crucial in handling this kind of energy so you need to be grounded when you are ready to open this center.



1)      Sit down in a quiet place with feet on the ground (barefoot).

2)      Be comfortable

3)      Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths

4)      See tree branches coming through your feet chakras and see them traveling down to the base of mother earth.

5)      See them connect and go into mother earth feel the sense of connection with mother earth.

6)      Take a moment to thank her for all she has supplied you in your life

7)      Continue to hold a sense of being grounded this will help with the Kundalini Energy


For some Reiki can also open up kundalini but in a much smoother way. For instance, it can open the center but the person is comfortable through the whole process. It is not as intense for them in a negative way. Here is an informative article on Kundalini.

Spiritual Life Coaching - Symptoms of the Kundalini Awakening-Syndrome


Sometimes the Kundalini Awakening/Syndrome is also referred to as a "spiritual emergency." In their 1990 book, "The Story Search for Self", transpersonal psychologists Grof and Grof coin the term "spiritual emergency" to describe the difficult stages of a "profound psychological transformation that involves one's entire being." They describe the kundalini awakening as one of ten varieties of spiritual emergencies.
Some years later, near-death experience author, Dr. Yvonne Kason, set about creating criteria to differentiate between some undergoing a spiritual emergency and someone experiencing psychosis. She explains that a spiritual emergency is when a person is merely challenged by an altered state experience, where as a psychotic episode is when a person is simply overwhelmed by it.
The kundalini awakening/syndrome consists of sensory, motor, mental, and affective symptoms that are also associated among people who have had a near-death experience (NDE) or out-of-body experience (OBE). Dr. Kason sometimes refers to the kundalini syndrome as an IBE or "in-body experience."
Sensory and motor symptoms include the feeling of cranial pressures (especially at the top of the skull), the perception of inner sounds, experiences of inner lights, vibrating or tingling sensations in the lower back, rapid heart rate, disappearance of heart rate, changes in breathing from lungs to lower abdomen, spontaneous jerking motions (especially of the head and neck), alternating sensations of heat or cold moving throughout the body, localized body pain that starts and stops abruptly, vibrations and itching under the skin, and intense, sexual, sensual, and erotic sensations that can only be characterized as a "full body orgasm."
Mental and affective symptoms include: prolonged feelings of euphoria and bliss, prolonged feelings of anxiety, fear, intense positive and negative emotions, spontaneous slowing or speeding of thoughts, spontaneous trance states, experiencing oneself as being beyond and not limited to the physical body, sensations of a unifying "oneness" with the universe, and experiences of altered states of consciousness.
Often, the kundalini syndrome will be more than enough to convince the initiate that they are in need of medical attention. But most medical practitioners are not trained to diagnose a "spiritual emergency," and therefore are not going to be much help. In nearly all cases, no medical attention is required. Only patience and surrender. Consultation with a spiritual counselor, on the other hand, can be helpful, but only with one who has already experienced a personal kundalini awakening. In this way, the counselor will be able to provide advice based on their own experience.
The common theme with every kundalini syndrome is the involuntary jerking movements and intense tingling at the base of the spine. This may be experienced sporadically, from weeks to months, even years prior to a full-blown awakening. It may gradually and slowly increase in frequency, but it may not. Sometimes the awakening is sudden, dramatic, and overwhelming. In any case, it is wise to empower yourself with as much knowledge as you can on the kundalini awakening/syndrome.
Spiritual Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company dedicated to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the world. His Spiritual Life Coaching practice uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, holistic wellness, life path astrology, shadow & pain-body work, heart-based intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to use Reiki to help with natural disasters

Reiki Helps the Earth After Natural Disasters

Natural disasters often come to my attention even though I choose not to follow mainstream media. Often I feel upcoming earthquakes and such in my bones before they happen, as I'm sure many of You do too. When I become aware of mishaps such as the gulf oil spill my first reaction is to send Reiki.
Many people choose to donate money, write letters to politicians, or volunteer to offer physical assistance. My preferred line of aid is to send distant Reiki which makes a difference to those living near the area of disaster and to the Earth itself.
I was sending Reiki to the the Gulf Oil Spill area on my way to sacred dance last night. During my dance journey I went to the spill area. I was flying in the air circling over the spill along with the Reiki. I was not alone, there was a multitude of light beings surrounding the area in the Gulf with Light. Perhaps some of You were sending Reiki too. My sacred journey took me out so I could see the whole Earth. I was shown that the Earth is ok. There are flowers blooming, rivers flowing, and trees growing.
I was reminded that I am a healer on my dancing Reiki filled journey. I help people by seeing them as whole not by seeing them as hurt. By focusing on the damage I help the damage become greater. I send love and light and Reiki to the challenged area and to the whole body.
Just as I see people I give Reiki to as whole and well, it serves to see the Earth as whole and well. Just as humans experience times of shifting energies so does the Earth. Just as I trust the body has the full capability to heal when supported, I trust the Earth has the ability to heal. The earth is supported in her changes right now. I have seen the energy coming to the Earth from throughout the universe and galaxy giving the Earth love and support.
How can You help the Earth or areas of disaster?
1. You can send Reiki to the area, including people, plants, animals, minerals, and elements. If You know the distant symbol You can use that. If you don't you can hold a picture a real one or just one in your mind and allow Reiki to flow to the area. For example, for the oil spill You can see the oil being contained, the water being purified, the animals being protected and cleansed. The Reiki can bless the beings, animals and humans and plants, that died during the disaster. You can send Reiki blessings to the families affected. You can just send Reiki and watch in your mind's eye where it goes and what it does.
2. You can also send Reiki to the whole Earth. Just as in treating a person, bolstering the whole body, helps heal any areas of imbalance. So it goes with the Earth.
3. You can Reiki yourself. Don't underestimate Your part of being well-balanced and feeling good. It really does have an effect on the world around You. It can be hard knowing that others are suffering elsewhere on the Earth. Reiki can help release any feelings You experience and help You maintain your well-being.
Sending Reiki to the Earth and areas of upheaval such as the Gulf Oil Spill is a great value. Just because no one sees You sending Reiki and donating your time doesn't mean You haven't done your part. So please do send Reiki, it really does make a difference.
You can read more about using Reiki in your daily life by subscribing to The Reiki Muse. http://www.thereikimuse.com
The Reiki Muse provides articles about leading a spiritual life in a modern world. You'll find many helpful ideas about using Reiki.
Reiki can deepen your relationship with yourself and others while providing healing on all levels.
The Reiki Muse is authored by Christy DeArment Martin. She is a Reiki Master Teacher with over 10 years experience with using Reiki and teaching others to use Reiki.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

kundalini yoga

Kundalini Energy, what is it?

The Power of the Kundalini Energy

Kundalini is an energy, which is tied to the consciousness. Coiled within the body, it remains dormant in the sleeping body. This psycho-spiritual force is awakened through various spiritual practices, often tied to yoga and astral projection. Kundalini is tied to the chakras, residing in the root chakra. Often related to a serpent, it will rise up from the base of the spine when awakened. As the Kundalini rises, it will pass through each chakra or energy center, creating a high-energy force throughout the entire body. Kundalini Yoga is the most common practice in which to awaken the power.
The History of Kundalini
Although much of the history of Kundalini associated practices is unknown, there is some evidence that mention has been made of the energy force in many ancient texts. Found in writings from the Tibetans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Native Americans, there is also reference to this type of power in the Bible and the Koran. Even though most cultures didn't openly practice Kundalini Yoga or awakening sessions, it became more widely known through the work of Carl Jung in the 1930s.
In the 1970s, people worldwide became fascinated with the practice of Kundalini Yoga and began seeking knowledge about the practice. The 70s were a time of great spiritual awakening all over the world, which is why so many people began to practice yoga and other spiritually intense experiences. Even though there are many forms of yoga, not all of which are devoted to awaking the Kundalini, it was one of the many popular practice in this era.
What Happens When You Awaken the Kundalini?
The rising up of this force can vary between individuals and sessions. Because the force is said to reside at the base of the spine it will rise up from this part of the body. As it awakens, the yogi will begin to feel a heat around this area as the energy becomes uncoiled. As it rises, it will move upward along the spine, through the 6 other chakras. When the Kundalini passes through each energy center, that chakra will become active and connected to the force. It will continue to rise, taking the energy of the chakras with it and leaving the body cold.
The more the Kundalini rises, the more physical reactions the yogi will have. There are often involuntary muscle movements or tremors, there can be a feeling of electricity or vibration, and there may also be sounds or voices. Although each Kundalini awakening may not be equally intense, they are often described as explosive, leading to Out of Body Experiences, hallucinations, detachment, and many other intense sensations. Like all spiritual and metaphysical practices, Kundalini Yoga takes time to master and successful awakening of this powerful energy may take time.
Learn more about kundalini on Astral Projection site


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bolting and Autism

After the finding of nine year old, Mikaela lynch's body, which was found in a body of water near her home in Clearlake, Ca. Children with autism tend to bolt and take off to explore new areas. Over the years, many children with autism have lost their lives when found drowned in a nearby body of water. I have worked with autistic individuals for more than 20 years and have chased many down the street as they take off.

Parents learn the dangers of leaving their children alone because it only takes a split second for them to be gone, and then never found or found like this girl was found. It saddens us as we hear and read about these stories. I feel for the parents that have lost their children to a death like this and of course the agony they go through when their autistic child decides to bolt into traffic, down the street, or into the woods.

I read an article recently regarding the idea of assistance dogs to help with these individuals that have the tendency to bolt. I thought I would share. What do you think about this idea. Check out the article and video.

Assistance Dogs Make a Difference in the World of Autism


Autism can present many obstacles for both the affected child and his or her parents, and although more and more is being learned about this disorder every day, the exact cause still remains a bit of a mystery, making effective treatment extremely challenging. One treatment that is gaining popularity, however, chiefly due to the positive reports and feedback regarding its effectiveness, is the use of assistance dogs. In this article we will take a closer look at autism and its accompanying symptoms, along with some information on how assistance dogs are making a very constructive difference in the lives of autistic children.
What is Autism?
Autism is a developmental disorder that affects approximately 1 out of every 150 children, with the first symptoms usually surfacing sometime after the first year of life. Generally, autism is characterized by a triad of symptoms which includes impairment in language development, a severe delay in the development of social skills and the presence of both restrictive and repetitive behaviors. One of the mysteries of autism is that it affects people to varying degrees. Classified as a "spectrum disorder," autism symptoms can range from profound disability, in which language and social development are almost nonexistent, to very mild, as seen in people with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. Autism may also cause other health issues. Many children with autism, for example, experience a high rate of seizures and gastrointestinal difficulties.
Assistance Dogs and Autism
Most people have probably heard of assistance dogs that can aid the blind and those with physical disabilities, but can these dogs help with autism? According to recent reports, the answer seems to be a resounding "yes." Studies have shown that these assistance dogs, when properly trained for specific tasks aimed at helping those with autism, can be a very effective tool for both social development and behavior modification.
The use of assistance dogs, at least in the world of autism, is fairly new territory, and although the training facilities for autism dogs are few in numbers, recent demand has prompted a dramatic increase in these services. Currently, the average waiting time for an autism service dog is 2-3 years, but experts believe the wait time will diminish greatly as more and more trainers begin offering these services.
Training assistance dogs to work with autistic children presents many challenges and can be a lengthy process which continues even after the dog has been relinquished to the child and his family. Below are some of the specific tasks these dogs can be trained to perform, all of which will help in the daily functioning of those suffering from autism:
  • Work as a Team. Typically, autism dogs are taught to work as part of a team. Since the child may not be able to completely assume the role of handler, the autism dog is usually handled with one leash being held by the child (usually attached to the dog's waist with a harness) and one that the parent will hold (usually attached to the collar). The assistance dog will have to learn to differentiate between the two leashes, discriminating between the cues of the handler and the desires of the child.
  • Behavior Modification. Assistance dogs can be very effective working with children who have a tendency to wander away or bolt in open settings. They can also alert the parent when the child is beginning to approach an area that is may endanger the child's life. These services allow the child to have a limited amount of freedom and can help parents with general supervision.
  • Emotional Calming. Assistance dogs can provide emotional calming in those children who are prone to outbursts and tantrums. In return, the child's constant presence can have the same effect on the dog.
  • Social Interaction. Children with autism have a difficult time socializing normally, but the presence of a dog usually makes them more approachable to their peers. Sometimes known as "social capital" this can be one of the most important roles an assistance dog can play.
  • Seizure Detection. Assistance dogs can be trained to predict the onset of a seizure and alert the parent or guardian. Naturally, this ability can help keep children safe in the event of one of these attacks.

Choosing an Assistance Dog
Not all assistance dogs will be trained to handle all of the above tasks, so it's vitally important that you inform the trainer of all your child's individual needs. Usually, these dogs are trained on an individual basis, learning the exact skills which will be required by you and your family, and can even include such skills as accompanying your child to school. Sometimes a transition period will have to be observed in which the dog spends some of the day with the trainer and some with his new handlers.
Keep in mind that a younger dog, one which was recently trained, will stand a better chance of bonding quickly with the child.
The obstacles and challenges faced by those with autism and their families can be difficult to navigate, but a trained assistance dog can help lessen the burden and keep your child safe.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Angelina Jolie-What do you think you would have done?

After Angelina tested positive for the gene that might lead her to breast or ovarian cancer she decided to have a double mastectomy. She, like most people, have a familial history with cancer. Her own mother fought ovarian cancer and in the end died at the age of 56 from the cancer. With Angelina's familial history she realized that she needed to get tested for the gene, which will be talked about more later on in this article. She found that she had an 87% chance of getting breast or ovarian cancer. Having this type of surgery, allowed her to prevent the breast cancer.

What would you do when faced with the same results? Will you run out, and see your medical doctor about running tests to find out if you have the gene? I think it's important for woman to listen to the message Angelina is putting out to everyone. She wants to be here for her children, her own mother left at an early age, and only was here long enough to meet her grandchildren. My own mother was lucky enough to be here to have a relationship with my children, but now with my children still young, I as a woman who comes from a family of cancer victims, wonder if I should go and do this myself.

Share about your own thoughts on this conversation. I write to help people who have cancer or the people around. Cancer has taken almost everyone on my side of the family, and yes, I am scared of it coming for me. I pray every night for God to let me be here to see my two boys grow up, and to be here for my future grandchildren. You never know when it might come, so don't think you are too young, or think you are healthy enough because it can come out of nowhere and surprise you.

Should you do it? read this informative article about it.

Is Prophylactic Surgery Necessary To Prevent Breast Cancer?


Some women at high risk who have not been diagnosed with breast cancer consider prophylactic (preventive) surgeries. This includes mastectomy (removal of the breasts) and can sometimes include a complete hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and ovaries). While many studies have confirmed there is less breast and ovarian cancer among women who have had these organs removed, subsequent studies have questioned the use of such radical preventive measures because of quality-of-life issues and long-term side effects.
Since the introduction of prophylactic surgery, the medical community has failed to focus on issues of surgical complications and communicating risk-to-benefit information. A database search of studies on prophylactic mastectomy for the prevention of breast cancer uncovered research bias, poorly designed studies, and inappropriately prequalified participants. Researchers who evaluated 23 studies involving more than 4,000 patients concluded in a report featured in the Cochrane Database System Review that more rigorous prospective studies are needed, because "the state of the science is far from exact in predicting who will get or who will die from breast cancer. By one estimate, most of the women deemed high risk by family history (but not necessarily BRCA1 or 2 mutation carriers) who underwent these procedures would not have died from breast cancer." The researchers reported that body image and feelings of femininity were adversely affected.
While many genetic counseling centers and research facilities continue to encourage these surgeries, women are advised to evaluate this decision carefully. Genetic testing is not designed to be a diagnostic tool. While research has confirmed that mutations of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes cause a predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer, many other genes have been identified that also can increase a woman's risk. Until more research is done, genetic testing should not be the sole tool used to recommend serious surgeries.
High-risk women with a family history of breast tumor or who have tested positive for mutation of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene are advised to undertake an aggressive integrative prevention plan. In addition, those who are not taking tamoxifen can derive additional protection from indole-3-carbinol (abundant in cruciferous vegetables) or supplemental diindolylmethane (DIM). Aggressive screening is also recommended for these women. This may include the combination of mammogram with ultrasound and, for those with risk for ovarian cancer, an annual pelvic ultrasound. If your risk level is high, ask your doctor how you can step up your screening program.
Henry Relfield is a medical expert in cancer diseases for more than 15 years and he has been writing many well-known cancer-related articles including, diagnosis and causes of tumors, cancer-fighting recipes, common signs and symptoms of tumors, treatment options, etc. To find out more about his articles, you can visit at: [http://www.cancer-dictionary.com]

Monday, May 13, 2013

How to Set up a Crystal Grid

After being asked by many about how to set up crystal grids, I decided I would share this video about setting them up. This is a great tutorial for those that have never used crystals before and have been wanting to use them. So what do crystals do for you? Share in the comments, I love to connect with others that want to incorporate crystals into their lives.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Antahkarana Reiki Grid

Antahkarana Healing Symbol

This healing symbol does not require an attunement. It is usually used in its printed form although some people do sign it our with the hand. Just by having it in your presence, it will enhance the healing power of any healing method. It will also improve meditation or any exercise designed to improve health, well-being or connection to the higher power. It is not a secret symbol. You can hang it on the wall in your healing room, place it image up under your healing table etc. It does not need to be seen by the healee in order for it to work. Some have laminated them to make them more durable. The small one can be laminated and placed in your shoes, or taped over a chakra or other body area to improve healing, or can be carried in the
pocket, purse or wallet etc. A more complete description is in the Reiki Master manual offer by the Center and it is taught in the Center Reiki master training.

The single Antahkaranas - male or female are used for focus, and becoming centered in the Higher Power.

Use the male if you need more assertive energy. Use the female if you need more compassionate energy.

The cross is also for this purpose and has a greater feeling of sacredness. It can also be used to heal the heart chakra. The multiple is used to clear blocks and congestion. After using the multiple, use the single as use of the multiple can sometimes cause disorientation and using the single will refocus ones energy. However, no harm can come from their use. You can use the paper form or you can have the image silk screened onto cotton, wool or silk. Black or dark purple or any dark color works best as the power of the symbol seems to come from the contrast. Place the image facing the person or area to be healed. Then place your hands on top and do Reiki. This will reduce the time one needs to heal and allow deeper issues to be healed.

I drew the single versions out by hand in 1990. They were then scanned into the computer.

I hope you enjoy the use of these healing symbols. May they fill you with joy and peace.

William Lee Rand



How Does Reiki Help With Cancer?

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy healing technique that helps re-balance the body physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has become a very widely known integrative therapy for many diseases and has become more accessible to many people in recent years. All over the world, it is being practised for healing purposes. But you may be asking 'What is Reiki really? How do I use it to help myself and my loved ones? Will it work?
Today, after many years, this complementary therapy is recognized for healing cancer and various other terminal disorders across the world by Reiki practitioners. Reiki works well with conventional cancer treatments. Reiki healing is promoted by the American Cancer Society as a far way safer holistic cancer therapy. According to the studies performed, it is known that Reiki is a non-invasive and effectual therapy that doesn't affect or even manipulate the body tissues. This, as a result, helps the patients relax even during their intense pain, while also lowering stress and the heart rate. Overall, this treatment helps promote better health in the patients for a faster Reiki cancer healing.
In the case of cancer, Reiki helps fight symptoms at different stages of conventional cancer treatment. From diagnosis, there is a huge amount of emotional energy stuck in the body that needs releasing before any kind of physical healing is possible. In this first phase, if the tumour is at its early stage and has not spread too much, it may even be possible to reduce tumour size and therefore, limit number of chemo treatments with better prognosis.
During chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatments, Reiki can help ease the symptoms and restore balance, tranquility and inner peace, providing release from the depths of anxiety and illness. As well, Reiki can put the body and mind in a conducive state of healing to re-energize all the cells in the body as well as deal with any emotional traumas. Reiki is well-known for helping the release of deeply-grounded accumulated emotional energy that may have been the original cause of any such illnesses if the patient is willing to let go of them.
In terminal stages of cancer, Reiki is often used in palliative care, especially in hospices.
Known Benefits of Reiki during Cancer Treatments
1. Reiki again rebalances the energy instability and enhances the immune system of the patients. This, therefore, encourages the body of the patient to heal from within. However, several Reiki treatments are required to cure the cancer cells or growth.
2. Furthermore, Reiki also balances the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels thus enhancing the free flow of energy in the body of the patient. This will again help to improve the connection between each of these four levels.
3. It induces peace and calmness by reducing stress in the patients.
4. It relieves pain thus providing comfort to the patient.
5. During the reviving process, Reiki also balances the chakras and releases all minor and major energy blockages which help remove toxins and other impurities from the body.
6. It reduces the effect of chemotherapy treatment thus helping the patient get over the physical pain caused by cancer. This further helps regenerate cellular growth and hence accelerates the overall healing process in the patients.
By taking Reiki lessons and committing to consistent training sessions with a highly experienced Reiki Master, you can really make a difference in your life as well as other people's life and help your loved ones in crucial times, saving your friends and family. By giving yourself regular Reiki treatments, you are able to maintain your own well-being and allow other people around to maintain theirs.
To find out more about Reiki and its benefits, download the Free Report at [http://www.ReikiCancerCure.com]

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's increase breast cancer awareness!

Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women in their lifetime. Next time you are at a family function look around the room at the women in your life and think about these statistics. It is important to raise cancer awareness and to get medical treatment when you might suspect that there is a problem. This is not the time to blow it off but to, instead, be proactive and to move forward on taking care of yourself. In my family, my grandmother battled breast cancer. She lost her breasts in the fight but she lived ten years before getting colon cancer, which led to her death.

What have I learned from my family? I learned to be proactive and to tell me doctors' the truth about my family history so that we, as a team, could be proactive. Yes, I have to have my skin looked at every six months. Yes, I have to have mammograms once a year. Yes, I have to have a colonoscopy once a year. It may seem like a pain but to me it is worth it if I can be here for my family. My brother died when he was only 36 from ignoring the changes to his skin, by the time they found out about it (a year later) he was already at stage 4.

I am 8 times more likely to get it and my children are right behind me. I have spent time educating them on what to look for, what to feel for, and to trust the doctors and to see them regularly. Recently, I have been hearing more and more that healthy women with healthy breasts are having them removed so that they can avoid getting breast cancer. Should you do this?

I have breast cancer in my family. Should I choose the more aggressive treatment? Should I have surgery to remove my healthy breast to keep from getting breast cancer in it? Should I have genetic testing?

Most women who have breast cancer in their families will never get the disease themselves — even if a mother or sister has died of breast cancer. The risk is higher for women who are known to have a harmful mutation in either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene than in women with "breast cancer in their families" who don't have a mutation in one of these genes. But many women with a harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation may never get breast cancer.

Although a family history of breast cancer increases your risk of breast cancer, it is not necessary to choose more aggressive treatment or more radical surgery just because you have a family member with breast cancer. For most women, family history alone should not influence the decision about which type of surgical treatment to have for early-stage breast cancer.

Women who have a family history of breast cancer do have an increased risk of getting breast cancer in their healthy breast. Sometimes these women decide to have the healthy breast removed to lower their risk of cancer in the future. Occasionally, women with a known harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation or a strong family history of breast cancer decide to have both their breasts removed as a preventive measure, even if they have never been diagnosed with breast cancer. Preventive mastectomy reduces the risk of future breast cancer, but it does not eliminate the risk completely because cancer can occur in any remaining breast tissue or on the chest wall. The disadvantage is that the surgery will be unnecessary for many women who choose it, because many women who have a breast removed as a preventive measure would never have gotten breast cancer even if the breast (or both breasts) were not removed. Women thinking about preventive mastectomy should get a second professional opinion before taking this step.

Instead of surgery, hormonal therapies can be used to reduce the risk of breast cancer among women at high risk of the disease. These include the drugs tamoxifen for women older than 35 and raloxifene for postmenopausal women. These drugs have side effects, and women should discuss the benefits and risks with their doctors.

Women with a known harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation also have a higher risk of ovarian cancer and sometimes elect to have the ovaries removed to prevent ovarian cancer. Removing the ovaries also decreases the risk of breast cancer in women who have not reached menopause.

Women with early-stage breast cancer should talk to their doctors about the effect of family history on their own personal risk of a second breast cancer, as well as about risk-reducing strategies. Some women with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancers might want to speak with a genetic counselor. A genetic counselor can talk about whether genetic testing for a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation might be appropriate. This information might help a woman decide on breast cancer treatment and risk-reducing approaches, including preventive mastectomy and hormone therapy.

Article from http://www.womenshealth.gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/early-stage-breast-cancer.html#g

Check out this video on breast cancer awareness

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Is Autism Curable?



Many people look for a "cure" for autism, treating it as most diseases and disorders we meet in our daily existence - as something that we can defeat or simply "grow out of" in time. They spend a lot of money on herbal supplements, and "cures" that promise to "cure" a child of autism. Yes is autism something we can cure?
All autistic disorders are classified as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), this means that it isn't something that's "curable". The official stance towards autism is that an autistic person will be autistic for the rest of their lives. This is because, among other things, because of the nature of autism. Autistic disorders are not caused by a lesion in the brain or by a disruption in the balance of neurotransmitters. The modern stance is that they are caused by different "wiring" of the brain, an uncommon pattern of neuroconnections which appears from birth.
Autism is a highly heritable disorders. It's heritability (which can be understood as genetic influence, the probability that an identical twin will have the same disorder) is higher than that of Schizophrenia and other biological disorders. Additionally it is unlikely autism is caused by any external factor, it is most likely a mutation which appeared during the early developmental period which happened in the mothers womb.
Of course we have to remember that this doesn't mean that the environment does not play a role, or that an individual with autism stays the same throughout their life. Like "neurotypicals" autistic people develop, and change through interaction with their environment and their experience during childhood will be different to their experience at an older age.
It might be useful to see autism as a pathway in life. There are definitely various unconventional obstacles on that path, especially in relation to interaction with other people, but this path, like any other can still lead to fulfillment and personal growth. It is just a bit harder.
So, in conclusion. The answer to the question "Can an autistic child simply grow out of it?" is a no. Autism is a biological disorder, and while there are many effective behavioral treatments that help in managing autism, autism is classified as a pervasive developmental disorder, which means that it will always will be there, and a child simply can't "grow out of it". The best thing parents can do is to accept the fact, and instead of hopping a serious disorder will simply go away they would be far better of getting a proper diagnosis and help for their child as soon as possible.
I am an aspiring psychotherapist and I write about my journey towards becoming a good, autistic psychotherapist on my website Mental therapy. In it I also discuss various practical ways of improving ones mental health which are useful for everyone -autistic or not.

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Free press release sites that work!

Free Press Release Sites That Really Work

Press release distribution is seen as a solution for website owners who want to see a quick boost in their traffic. The key aspect that will make this strategy a success lies in choosing the right news angle and then submitting these to relevant press release agencies.
There are a lot of paid press release distribution sites but the cost of submission may be prohibitive. It is a good thing that there are free press release websites that really work. While these services may not offer the same comprehensive support available on paid sites, it can still give your business a boost. So here are some sites you may want to try out:
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News Reel Network - the site allows you to add as many links as you want on the press release. The PR distribution website itself uses the WordPress CMS so it is user-friendly. The layout is attractive and is divided into sections. This allows you to publish the PR under the best category.
Live PR - this site is particularly useful if you want to cater to the European market. Sign-up is quick and the PR you submit will be published on Google News.
PR Inside - although the category section of PR Inside is quite limited, it more than makes up for it in terms of features. For example, it lets you include videos with the press release. Logos and photos can also be uploaded for greater impact.
My News Desk - this free news distribution site allows you to take advantage of free submissions in a specified geographical location and industry. If you want to submit more PRs after an initial success, it requires paid membership.
Free Press Index - while the site may not be as renowned as its counterparts, it can nevertheless offer good results. Some marketers have experienced a certain level of success with Free Press Index and consider it as their "secret". Basically, you won't have any problem in the sign-up or submission process. The distribution network makes everything easy.
Your Story - submit as many releases as you want. This site currently has more than 14,000 published PRs. However, while submission is free, it requires you to pay a fee if you want to include links, photos, and other features.
PRLog - it is particularly popular for its distribution to search engines, including Google News.
Express Press Release - the site offers generous free service. If you want an upgrade, it also has a paid option. For those on a limited budget though, the free option already allows you to include links and pictures.
PR.com - it is one of the most renowned press release services out there. Aside from distributing your content to a large network, the site also allows you to create a company profile.
There are many other PR distribution sites that are worth submitting to. The list provided above will get you started.
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