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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Psychic Energy: Feeling Chakras, Kundalini, Chi and Subtle Energy

I have always felt some kind of psychic energy or subtle energy since I was a child, but I did not know what it was. I would feel it in bed at night as I relaxed and drifted off to sleep. It felt like swirls on my skin, or even like a bug on my skin turning in circles. It freaked me out and scared me.
I began to understand what it was when I started meditating, because I could relate having the sensations on my skin and inside my body to the act of meditation since they occurred at the same time.
Then one day we were driving around looking at houses for sale and the muffler fell off the car. We were 50 miles from home, so we drove home with the floor vibrating. My feet vibrated with the floor. A few hours later and my feet were still vibrating! That was years ago now, and my feet still vibrate every day. Later I learned that this foot energy is called "bubbling spring energy well" in Tradition Chinese Medicine and that the sensantion of it it can be turned on by motion, drugs, and sickness. (Understand that these energies are always working in the body, rather they are felt or not; lack of sensation does not imply a lack of energy.)
I studied under a Chi Kung Master who trained me to move the energy from my feet to my lower dantian and turn it off. This Chi Kung Master claimed mu vital chi was being drained and it would shorten my life. I practiced this for a long time before I discovered Vedanta and a genuine enlightened teacher - who encouraged me to just accepted it 'as is' and I stopped trying to 'move' it to a better place.
Subtle Energy is subtle, which seems obvious, but it really isn't. Most people think it is a dramatic thing or a forceful and powerful thing that will take you over. I have had those types of experiences too, but overall subtle energies are extremely subtle, at least in the beginning. At first I only felt these energies while meditating. Later on the sensations of psychic energy would begin when I got into bed at night. Soon enough they were happening whenever I relaxed and now they go on all the time; 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
What Psychic Energy feels like:
- Shifting sands/sands in an hourglass - 'normal' type energy flow that I am used to feeling most all the time.
- Energy that feels like crushing or heavy energy movement
- Cold energy and heat energy
- Heart beat or blood pumping energy - took me years to realize this is not my heart beat nor is it my blood I am feeling. It is a type of chi. I moved what I thought what my heartbeat (it was beating in my big toe at the time) to my stomach with a single thought. That was when I realized it was something new.
- Tingle-type energy, different from normal tingles, feels like when your foot is asleep and then wakes up - slightly painful and uncomfortable; may be this is stagnant energy
- Bubbling energy - small and large - in the feet almost constantly
- Muscle twitches (feels like, but when I place my hand there nothing is really twitching)
- Magnetism feeling, usually occurs between my legs when both legs are full of energy
- Wuji Ball - felt in my lower stomach area. Feels magnetic, size of a basketball, and it felt two-sided with an equator. It vibrated and hummed.
- Mild electrical type feelings - but not shocking like when you get shocked by actual electric
- Energy traveling along meridians as shown in Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Kundalini and Chakra energy as shown in Hindi Folklore
- Energy coming from my navel, super fast like a jet - subtle body
- Energy outside my body, about 6 inches in front of my body - subtle body
- Chakra Energy - felt as sounds hit my chakras. The smallest sounds can over stimulate me and give me a startle. At times, this chakra energy has been similar to being shell-shocked and it was the hardest one to get used to. It is great to feel music hitting my chakras.
-'Saw' energy in the form of a black cloud approx 6 feet in diameter after I complimented some one. (Thought forms)
- Was meditating and I 'felt' the UPS guy looking for my house. Somehow my mind connected with his for a few minutes and I felt him searching for my house number. About 5 minutes later he pulled in with a package for me.
- Energy Vortex - I felt energy that sucked - in the mountains, at a place called 'the Furnace' and from people. This energy gives off feelings: of uneasiness, of anxiety, of being startled, and if it is big enough - of being deathly afraid and you want to run away. I have also felt energy that blew instead of sucked - most people are drawn to energy that blows (they say Sedona, Arizona blows.) I noticed that normal people will avoid energy suckers. Are the energy suckers psychic vampires? I have no idea... Some say energy moves in these 2 directions (sucking - blowing or out - in, if you prefer), period, and that it doesn't mean anything, we just experience it differently.
- Energy when drifting to sleep.. felt the 'sand' the sandman pours into us.. I felt descend into me, putting me to sleep. I watched it happen - as an observer. The 'sand' went into my head, it felt like snow on the TV or when your foot falls asleep - sort of like pins and needles. It went in, and slowly filled my head, as it did I drifted into a dream. It was like someone was pouring it into a water-pitcher, my head was the water-pitcher.
I had always wanted to become psychic and win the lottery. I really did not think either would happen. I was totally skeptical of psychics - I was sure they were all frauds. After I began to feel energies, I could easily sense which psychics were "faking it" and which ones were real, in fact when I watched Reiki videos, I could literally see it! (It seemed to be split 50/50; which ones were faking it and which ones were real.)
When I had my first kundalini awakening it was extremely dramatic. Energy rose from my left big toe up and through all the chakras until it reached my nostrils, there it switched sides and starting rising up from my right toe. This energy did not feel subtle, in fact, it was immense! It felt like snow on a TV when the channel is off or similar to pins and needles only more powerful. When it finally reached my head it filled up my head and shot out of a high third eye - where unicorns have their horn. After that I entered a state of Samadhi for well over a month.
To date, I have categorized dozens of different psychic energy feelings, chi sensations that follow the meridians as seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine, psychic impressions, chakra feelings, chakras activating, etc... And I have also experienced 'becoming one with' many different things such as: storms, sounds, the breath, music, window fans, and my dishwasher. I have had multiple kundalini awakenings and sometimes they were quite scary. I have had chakras spin and kundalini rise from my belly button that was faster than a jet engine that astral projected me from my body.
I began hand crafting psychic and spiritual jewelry in the 90s as a hobby. Soon I was getting emails from buyers thanking me for their spiritual and energy awakenings. Without trying I was passing along shakti energies in the jewelry I created.
Everyday I am amazed and grateful for these gifts I have been given. I am more than happy to help others along this path whenever I have the opportunity. So many times I wished there was someone there to answer my questions. It took years of searching the internet to even begin to figure out what was happening to me. There is so much information available on the internet, but most of it is misleading half-truths.
I became an Energy Psychic because of my intense spiritual practices and seeking. I am having spiritual and energy awakenings with immense activity in my meridians, chakras, third eye, and subtle body. I have new psychic abilities emerging spontaneously. I had an experience of self-realization and I became a renunciate (Sannyasi) because of this experience. Since then I found a teacher, I have exposed my mind to the teachings of Vedanta, and I practice Vedanta exclusively and unceasingly.. Namaste to all.
Written by Melissa Mc Carthy from sageofspace.com; an Energy Psychic who hand crafts psychic and spiritual jewelry for activation of chakras, awakening of Kundalini Shakti and psychic energy. Melissa has passed these energies onto the jewelry and spiritual items she creates and others have has similar awakenings after purchasing her jewelry.