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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

10 Must Have Writing Apps

1.  WerdSmith

Werdsmith allows writers to use their mobile devices to write while on the go. It helps writers to write stories on the go. No more waiting until you get to a notebook or computer to write down the story that comes at the most awkward time. Werdsmith can help writers to begin and finish stories away from home.
  • WERDSMITH turns your iPhone or iPad into a writing studio.
  • The app is free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Even helps writers to set and meet word count goals for each day.
  • All work is backed up, so no work will be lost.
  • Personalize and customize your writing studio with custom fonts and themes.

2.  Ulysses Mobile

Ulysses Mobile App 
Offers writers a distraction-free writing experience. Although this app does cost money, it is well worth the cost. It can help writers to complete projects in  no time. Here are a few more points that keep Ulysses at the top of the list for writing apps.
  • ULYSSES helps writers stay focused.
  • Is a text editor.
  • Is a text library.
  • Is a reliable icloud sync for mobile devices.
  • Offers everything a writer needs in a writing app.
  • Easily transform text into PDFs, web pages, ebooks, and word documents with the tap of a finger.
  • Costs $24.99 but well worth the cost.

3.  WriteRight


Another writing app that has many synonyms, antonyms, and phraseology for writers to use on the iPhone or iPad.
  • WRITERIGHT offers proofreading services.
  • Helps writers persevere conjugation, gender, and number. Making sure that these are correct throughout the writing piece. 
  • Changes expressions that are used too much and helps writers to change these to something fresh.
  • Offers a full text editor.
  • It helps to recognize conjugated words, either feminine or plural.
  • Suggests synonyms and will replace with a better counterpart matching gender, number, person, and tense.
  • Cost $3.99 

4. Write PDF for iPhone and iPad

  • WRITER PDF is not only just a common annotation tool, it is also a powerful PDF modification tool for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Great PDF editing tool.
  • Allows users to add notes, circles, highlights, and drawings.
  • Fill in PDF forms and sign.
  • Move, rotate, or add/delete pages.
  • Print to any printer.
  • Easy transfer into icloud.
  • Convert and transfer web pages.
  • Cost only $4.99

5. Tex Writer

  • TEX WRITER is a text editor and compiler on to use on the go.
  • Users can work online with this app without an internet connection.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Line numbers  and error cross reference.
  • Assistant keyboard.
  • Customize appearance and keyboard,
  • Automate text editing.
  • Sync with Dropbox.
  • Cost $9.99

6. Writing Prompts

  • WRITING PROMPTS offers writers endless inspiration to keep on writing.
  • An easy to use creative app.
  • Never run out of ideas, just open the app and see many creative solutions to keep a writer engaged in writing.
  • App generates scene elements.
  • 600 writing prompts to keep writers motivated.
  • Cost $1.99

7. MindNode

  • MINDNODE makes mind mapping easy.
  • Visually represents your thoughts and ideas with this easy to use app.
  • No need to write your thoughts on napkins, Easily jot down ideas on MindNode.
  • With iCloud Drive allows mind maps to be seen on all devices.
  • Create new ideas with a tap of the finger.
  • Add photos and stickers to add to mind maps.
  • Cost $9.99

8. Story Tracker

  • STORY TRACKER allows writers to keep track of writing projects.
  • Know where all writing projects have been submitted.
  • Be able to store details and guidelines for any market that allows writing submissions.
  • View total income earned for each story submitted.
  • Displays story status.
  • Highlights approaching market deadlines so that writers meet deadlines.
  • Cost $9.99

9. Agent Obvious

  • AGENT OBVIOUS offers advice to authors, agents, and publishers in the writing industry.
  • 500+ tips from literary agent Laurie Abkemeier.
  • Quick access to the most popular publishing topics, queries, proposals, manuscripts, submissions, and rejections.
  • Receive tips for contract negotiations.
  • One touch sharing tips on Twitter.
  • Cost is FREE

10. Scrivener

  • SCRIVENER combines all writing tools into one place.
  • Grow your manuscript by thoughts and ideas.
  • Offers an interactive tutorial.
  • Offers project templates for novels, essays, scripts, and more.
  • Allows writers to write MS in sections.
  • Has a script writing mode for screen plays, stage plays, comic scripts, and more.
  • Automatic back-ups.
  • Write in any order and organize later.
  • Cost $19.99

Although there are many apps out there that can help writing professionals, this list is some of the top apps to use. Anyone used any of these apps? Love to know what your experience has been with the app.