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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is it a Ghost or Demon that is Haunting You?

Is It a Ghost or Demon That Is Stalking You?

People often mistake all paranormal activities for being demonic in essence.

 This comes to fruition for the religious specifically, as many religious people assume that anything but the “Holy Spirit” is from the devil. For those that aren’t religious, but still believe in ghosts or demons, there is a point that you will have to determine whether or not one of them could stalk you. All it takes is a quick search online to see what options are out there that could cause you a great deal of turmoil overall. That being said, you will find that the following differences can help you determine what is going awry, if you feel that you’re being stalked by something from the paranormal world.


Ghosts do not stalk with a specific negative light. They do not usually manifest into something that is meant to harm. In most instances, spirits have unfinished issues, and motivations that are beyond the scope of your personal wellbeing. They seek attention, they seek order in regards to something that has happened in the past. If you look at horror movies, some of those ideas are passed through, and while they are for entertainment purposes, they can help you identify whether or not you are dealing with a spirit or something a bit more offensive. Ghosts want resolve issues and either leave, or just have a presence hovering over specific areas. Buy an old house in the South, and you may get this issue floating around as there may be people buried nearby, or something happened in the home that you’re not aware of. These things don’t cause serious harm, but there is another side to the proverbial coin.


Demons are not the same as ghosts, and while you may not be able to see them outright, and you may not immediately consider them harmful, they can be. They have the mindset of something bad, and they will try to cause you a great deal of anxiety, and perhaps even cause hatred to grow. Furthermore, demons have been noted to have red eyes, and a dark manifestation in appearance and forceful speech, or growling. Whether religious or not, these spirits will follow and cause a disruption of morality, and will instill a sense of fear and disjointed thought patterns.

Getting rid of these things is rough, as you may not have the power to do so. Some will recommend going to a priest of highly spiritual person, and others will recommend hiring a paranormal detective. Whatever the case is, there’s a difference between the two, and one is definitely more “evil” in scope and will cause you harm whether physical, spiritual, or in the mind.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are You Being Haunted?

Are you hearing footsteps at night? You may be asking yourself; "Is my house haunted?" There is a wide array of signs that a house may be haunted. You see something in the corner of your eye! As you turn to look directly at it; it vanishes! That might just be a ghost. You leave for work, when you come back; you find objects moved around. That might just be a ghostly presence.

Do you ever get the feeling of being watched when you know you're alone? What if a ghost is watching you while you're showering? You're getting ready in the morning, and you leave your light on, you leave the room and come back and your light is now off. Ghosts love to play mind games with humans. Do these situations happen to you? Often or not, these are indicative of a haunting.

Do you ever enter a room and suddenly feel as though it's much colder than the rest of your home? Chances are that's not a draft. Who's that whispering in your closet? Or even just whispering things in your ear. When you turn to look, you don't see a thing. But something is there.

Ever sat on the couch only to notice the cushion next to you sink in? But no one is sitting there or is there something else sitting there? Once while visiting a friend of mine in New England, while sitting on the couch the radio that was behind me changed the channel. Well, I didn't touch it, and the radio was one of the dial ones that had to be changed by turning the dial. I turned and put the station back to the one we were listening to and turned to my friend and as I turned the radio again changed. I whipped around to catch a glimpse of it moving on its own. The room went quiet; you could have heard a pin drop, as we stared at the radio. Afraid to touch it, I got up and moved to a different area of the room.

We have a pretty unique sensory system where we can feel, touch, hear, smell, and taste things around us well those with a 6th sense can see things on the other side. For some people who are haunted they can feel it when a ghost touches them. When one touches you, the hair may raise on your arm and goose bumps will appear. Sometimes it can feel hot or cold and once I was stepped on, and all I could feel was pressure.

So have you felt like something touched you as you turned out the light and went to go to bed? Or have you smelled smoke or another scent that reminds you of someone who has passed? Recently, I woke up at night from the stench of smoke that filled my nose and even affected my breathing. It took months before I figured it out and acknowledged the being and now don't smell the smoke anymore.

Have you heard whispering or conversations that you are not part of? When I was in my twenties, I had a man and woman arguing, and I thought I was hearing voices and going nuts. I still fought the idea for years that I could hear these ghosts arguing. Most would think I was schizoid or something, but in reality not so much. Once I moved out of the apartment I lived in, the voices went away. If you do hear these, it does not always mean there is something wrong with you mentally.

Ever found items in places you have never put it? Or can't find something that you put in one place but now it's gone? This happens all the time with hauntings. When I was 12, the ghost that lived in my house would throw things off my dresser. I would find them on the floor, and when I placed them back on the dresser, again they would go flying off onto the floor. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it either.

Do you have a ghost story to share? Leave a comment




Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lasagna Reimagined

I love comfort foods especially in the fall when the weather gets cooler. I have been craving lasagna lately and been wanting to make it, but I have also been trying to lose weight. Since I have had my first child, I have had difficulties with losing weight. Over the years, I have tried diet after diet only to lose some weight but not all of it. My biggest weakness is sweets. I love to bake and then indulge in sweet mouthfuls of yumminess. I enjoy cooking, and this makes it difficult for me to lose weight.

What I have realized is that I need to reinvent my recipes so that I can continue to indulge. But I didn't want to take away all the yummy flavor just to make it have fewer calories or fat. I needed to find a balance between eating the foods I love and feeding my family at the same time. My husband hates it when I diet, because I cook differently for me and him and our boys. Instead, this time I realized I needed to find a way to cook food for my family that still tasted good but that I wouldn't gain a bunch of weight from eating it.

This lasagna recipe I made for my pressure cooker, which cooks it in about 20 minutes, but you can cook it in the oven. I hope you all enjoy.

Lasagna Reimagined

I box whole wheat lasagna noodles or any other oven-ready noodles (no-bake ones)

I large can of diced tomatoes

I can of tomato sauce 12 oz.

32 oz. container of fat-free cottage cheese

1 pound lean ground beef

One large onion

I clove garlic

One pack of mushrooms

1 egg

I cup parmesan cheese

Garlic powder season to taste

Italian seasoning or dried oregano and parsley and Basil

2 ½ cups low fat cheese. I used weight watchers white and cheddar mix

If cooking in the oven turn on to 350. Cook ground beef and add onion and fresh garlic. Add Italian seasoning and garlic powder and cook meat until done. Add tomatoes and sauce stir and mix well. In a large bowl add cottage cheese and egg and mix well. Add parsley and basil mix well and add almost all parmesan and a handful of mixed cheese. Add a cup of sauce mixture to the bottom of pressure cooker or pan. Spread it around and cover bottom then take two lasagna noodles and break in half to place in the bottom of the pressure cooker or leave whole for baking dish. Add some of the mixture of cottage cheese and spread over noodles and add a spoonful of sauce and spread over it and sprinkle with cheese. Continue to make layers until you get to the top then add sauce and cheese all over the top. Now place the pressure cooker lid on and cook for 20 minutes. If in a baking dish construct it and cover with tinfoil and put in the oven and cook for 45 minutes or until noodles are tender.

Once done let pressure cooker release steam and let the lasagna rest for 15 minutes. If in the pan take out of the oven and take off tinfoil and let rest for 15 minutes.

Then cut and serve.

Here is the breakdown of calories I get this on http://www.fitwatch.com

Calories: 397

Fat 14 g

Carbohydrate: 19 g

Protein: 47 g

Cholesterol: 117 mg

Fiber: 1 g





Low Fat Zucchini Muffins

Hey A'll, 
It's finally October, which, by the way, is my most favorite month of the year, not just because I love to bake, but because I had my second son this month. And I love Halloween. As the days become shorter and the cool air surrounds me, I get my basket and get to shopping for all my fall baking needs. I love the smell in the air of sweet apples, pumpkins, and leaves that are falling to the ground.
So, each year I jump into baking, I can't help it something in the air just triggers for me to get into the kitchen and begin baking. Well for one it's because I grew up around these amazing cooks who showed me what baking was all about. In the fall I love to bake with apples, pumpkin, and zucchini. I have been busily baking pies and testing out new recipes.  

Today I decided to make Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Muffins that are low in fat and made without oil. These taste just like the regular muffins I normally make. I can indulge every day in one or two of these and keep to my weight loss goals.
I am trying to lose weight and so have been taking my regular recipes and changing them to be lower in fat and calories but without skimping on taste and the yumminess of each muffin.
Here is the recipe and let me tell you that you don't have to share that these are low fat with your better half who won't touch anything that is fat free or healthy for you like my own husband. They taste just like they would normally or so that is what my family said so good luck. If you are trying to eat healthier or just take some weight off you can definitely eat one of these for a sweet treat.
Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Muffins

2 1/2 cups regular flour

1 cup nonfat milk

2/3 cup unsweetened apple sauce

1/4 cup cocoa

1 1/2 cups sugar

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

2 cups shredded zucchini

1 bag of chocolate chunks or chocolate chips

1 tablespoon cinnamon

One tablespoon nutmeg

Add sugar, milk, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg and mix with mixer and add applesauce and cocoa. Add flour mix well and then add zucchini and chocolate.  

Preheat oven to 350. Spray pam in 12 muffin pan and then spoon in zucchini mixture and fill cups all the way. Pop into the oven and cook for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Here is the breakdown of calories for each muffin which is one serving

Calories 195.2

Fat: 4.46

Carbohydrates: 37

Protein: 2.75

Fiber: 1.41

Cholesterol: 3.5 mg 

Enjoy!! Happy Fall and enjoy the cooler temps and warm up those ovens.