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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is it a Ghost or Demon that is Haunting You?

Is It a Ghost or Demon That Is Stalking You?

People often mistake all paranormal activities for being demonic in essence.

 This comes to fruition for the religious specifically, as many religious people assume that anything but the “Holy Spirit” is from the devil. For those that aren’t religious, but still believe in ghosts or demons, there is a point that you will have to determine whether or not one of them could stalk you. All it takes is a quick search online to see what options are out there that could cause you a great deal of turmoil overall. That being said, you will find that the following differences can help you determine what is going awry, if you feel that you’re being stalked by something from the paranormal world.


Ghosts do not stalk with a specific negative light. They do not usually manifest into something that is meant to harm. In most instances, spirits have unfinished issues, and motivations that are beyond the scope of your personal wellbeing. They seek attention, they seek order in regards to something that has happened in the past. If you look at horror movies, some of those ideas are passed through, and while they are for entertainment purposes, they can help you identify whether or not you are dealing with a spirit or something a bit more offensive. Ghosts want resolve issues and either leave, or just have a presence hovering over specific areas. Buy an old house in the South, and you may get this issue floating around as there may be people buried nearby, or something happened in the home that you’re not aware of. These things don’t cause serious harm, but there is another side to the proverbial coin.


Demons are not the same as ghosts, and while you may not be able to see them outright, and you may not immediately consider them harmful, they can be. They have the mindset of something bad, and they will try to cause you a great deal of anxiety, and perhaps even cause hatred to grow. Furthermore, demons have been noted to have red eyes, and a dark manifestation in appearance and forceful speech, or growling. Whether religious or not, these spirits will follow and cause a disruption of morality, and will instill a sense of fear and disjointed thought patterns.

Getting rid of these things is rough, as you may not have the power to do so. Some will recommend going to a priest of highly spiritual person, and others will recommend hiring a paranormal detective. Whatever the case is, there’s a difference between the two, and one is definitely more “evil” in scope and will cause you harm whether physical, spiritual, or in the mind.