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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are You Being Haunted?

Are you hearing footsteps at night? You may be asking yourself; "Is my house haunted?" There is a wide array of signs that a house may be haunted. You see something in the corner of your eye! As you turn to look directly at it; it vanishes! That might just be a ghost. You leave for work, when you come back; you find objects moved around. That might just be a ghostly presence.

Do you ever get the feeling of being watched when you know you're alone? What if a ghost is watching you while you're showering? You're getting ready in the morning, and you leave your light on, you leave the room and come back and your light is now off. Ghosts love to play mind games with humans. Do these situations happen to you? Often or not, these are indicative of a haunting.

Do you ever enter a room and suddenly feel as though it's much colder than the rest of your home? Chances are that's not a draft. Who's that whispering in your closet? Or even just whispering things in your ear. When you turn to look, you don't see a thing. But something is there.

Ever sat on the couch only to notice the cushion next to you sink in? But no one is sitting there or is there something else sitting there? Once while visiting a friend of mine in New England, while sitting on the couch the radio that was behind me changed the channel. Well, I didn't touch it, and the radio was one of the dial ones that had to be changed by turning the dial. I turned and put the station back to the one we were listening to and turned to my friend and as I turned the radio again changed. I whipped around to catch a glimpse of it moving on its own. The room went quiet; you could have heard a pin drop, as we stared at the radio. Afraid to touch it, I got up and moved to a different area of the room.

We have a pretty unique sensory system where we can feel, touch, hear, smell, and taste things around us well those with a 6th sense can see things on the other side. For some people who are haunted they can feel it when a ghost touches them. When one touches you, the hair may raise on your arm and goose bumps will appear. Sometimes it can feel hot or cold and once I was stepped on, and all I could feel was pressure.

So have you felt like something touched you as you turned out the light and went to go to bed? Or have you smelled smoke or another scent that reminds you of someone who has passed? Recently, I woke up at night from the stench of smoke that filled my nose and even affected my breathing. It took months before I figured it out and acknowledged the being and now don't smell the smoke anymore.

Have you heard whispering or conversations that you are not part of? When I was in my twenties, I had a man and woman arguing, and I thought I was hearing voices and going nuts. I still fought the idea for years that I could hear these ghosts arguing. Most would think I was schizoid or something, but in reality not so much. Once I moved out of the apartment I lived in, the voices went away. If you do hear these, it does not always mean there is something wrong with you mentally.

Ever found items in places you have never put it? Or can't find something that you put in one place but now it's gone? This happens all the time with hauntings. When I was 12, the ghost that lived in my house would throw things off my dresser. I would find them on the floor, and when I placed them back on the dresser, again they would go flying off onto the floor. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it either.

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