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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini means coiled. It is a serpent like energy found at the base of your spine in the root chakra.  It is considered a goddess that is asleep at the base of the root chakra until the host is ready to wake and release it. Awakening of Kundalini can feel intense as it moves through each chakra making it way to the 7th chakra and out to the cosmos. Thus a person in a heavy meditation can hold the intention to awaken this serpent energy. This person may feel many different sensations when doing this. Some may be uncomfortable and possibly scary. Some involuntary bodily movements such as spasms, or muscle twitches might happen. It is said to feel like an electric volt of energy move through your spine and if you aren’t ready it can take you by surprise.

What is Kundalini energy? In reality it is your potential as a human and beyond. When you unlock it you are unlocking your own higher power and making a connection with the cosmos. This we call universal consciousness or God consciousness. Many who consider Kundalini to be the goddess Shakti. When Shakti reaches the brain she collides with the person’s Supreme Being and the two mesh or become one. When this happens the person may experience an almost out of body experience where they feel like they are somewhere else and they may feel bliss, happiness, and joy. In unlocking your Kundalini energy you have allowed yourself to gain Divine Wisdom. You may find that you are having visions or even hallucinations. Knowing that these may occur during the awakening process can help alleviate any anxiety that plagues you.

So how do you awaken Kundalini Energy? Guided meditation that will take you through the process is what many do in order to open this center. You could also engage in Kundalini Yoga which is designed to open this energy center to help you gain enlightenment. Before even attempting to open up your Kundalini you need to make sure that you have no fear about it and that you are already spiritually developed (meaning practicing a belief system that includes spirituality).

Before you do a meditation or go to a guru that will help you to open this energy you need to know how to ground yourself. Grounding will be crucial in handling this kind of energy so you need to be grounded when you are ready to open this center.



1)      Sit down in a quiet place with feet on the ground (barefoot).

2)      Be comfortable

3)      Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths

4)      See tree branches coming through your feet chakras and see them traveling down to the base of mother earth.

5)      See them connect and go into mother earth feel the sense of connection with mother earth.

6)      Take a moment to thank her for all she has supplied you in your life

7)      Continue to hold a sense of being grounded this will help with the Kundalini Energy


For some Reiki can also open up kundalini but in a much smoother way. For instance, it can open the center but the person is comfortable through the whole process. It is not as intense for them in a negative way. Here is an informative article on Kundalini.

Spiritual Life Coaching - Symptoms of the Kundalini Awakening-Syndrome


Sometimes the Kundalini Awakening/Syndrome is also referred to as a "spiritual emergency." In their 1990 book, "The Story Search for Self", transpersonal psychologists Grof and Grof coin the term "spiritual emergency" to describe the difficult stages of a "profound psychological transformation that involves one's entire being." They describe the kundalini awakening as one of ten varieties of spiritual emergencies.
Some years later, near-death experience author, Dr. Yvonne Kason, set about creating criteria to differentiate between some undergoing a spiritual emergency and someone experiencing psychosis. She explains that a spiritual emergency is when a person is merely challenged by an altered state experience, where as a psychotic episode is when a person is simply overwhelmed by it.
The kundalini awakening/syndrome consists of sensory, motor, mental, and affective symptoms that are also associated among people who have had a near-death experience (NDE) or out-of-body experience (OBE). Dr. Kason sometimes refers to the kundalini syndrome as an IBE or "in-body experience."
Sensory and motor symptoms include the feeling of cranial pressures (especially at the top of the skull), the perception of inner sounds, experiences of inner lights, vibrating or tingling sensations in the lower back, rapid heart rate, disappearance of heart rate, changes in breathing from lungs to lower abdomen, spontaneous jerking motions (especially of the head and neck), alternating sensations of heat or cold moving throughout the body, localized body pain that starts and stops abruptly, vibrations and itching under the skin, and intense, sexual, sensual, and erotic sensations that can only be characterized as a "full body orgasm."
Mental and affective symptoms include: prolonged feelings of euphoria and bliss, prolonged feelings of anxiety, fear, intense positive and negative emotions, spontaneous slowing or speeding of thoughts, spontaneous trance states, experiencing oneself as being beyond and not limited to the physical body, sensations of a unifying "oneness" with the universe, and experiences of altered states of consciousness.
Often, the kundalini syndrome will be more than enough to convince the initiate that they are in need of medical attention. But most medical practitioners are not trained to diagnose a "spiritual emergency," and therefore are not going to be much help. In nearly all cases, no medical attention is required. Only patience and surrender. Consultation with a spiritual counselor, on the other hand, can be helpful, but only with one who has already experienced a personal kundalini awakening. In this way, the counselor will be able to provide advice based on their own experience.
The common theme with every kundalini syndrome is the involuntary jerking movements and intense tingling at the base of the spine. This may be experienced sporadically, from weeks to months, even years prior to a full-blown awakening. It may gradually and slowly increase in frequency, but it may not. Sometimes the awakening is sudden, dramatic, and overwhelming. In any case, it is wise to empower yourself with as much knowledge as you can on the kundalini awakening/syndrome.
Spiritual Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company dedicated to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the world. His Spiritual Life Coaching practice uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, holistic wellness, life path astrology, shadow & pain-body work, heart-based intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.