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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crystal Healing what is all about?

Hey everyone,

For those of you who have come in and read my long drawn out info of me you know that I work with Crystals. It sounds all so magical when I talk about this stuff. If you came into my home you would be surrounded by all kinds of crystals such as, rose quarts, quarts, Tibetan quartz, jade, opal, and many more all around you.

Crystals and I have always had a great bond with each other you could say we have an affinity toward's each other. What does that mean we communicate through a language of our own. I can feel a crystals energies causing me to feel zapped by some type of electricity and I know that I am supposed to get that crystal to use.

What could you use crystals for? Well you could put quartz or amethyst on an area that is pain and it will help it to go away. Some use tiger's eye for protection or carnelian for energy and inspiration. You may use angelite to connect with angels and yes I do that too. We will do an angel one another time on here.

Do I read into a crystal ball? Yeah you bet I do. I can scry into many of them and see images of what is to be and sometimes what was before us. I can also use tarot cards to read your future or not use anything and my psychic tools and do a reading. What do I do with this gift and talent. I help people with it including myself.

You see crystals have done a lot for me in my life. They have helped me to write the books I always wanted to write. They help me to open up chakras so that my energy has good flow and to keep me healthy too. They help  me to heal pain or disease. I have used them in medicinal pouches to use for many different things.

I am a Reiki Healer and so I like to use crystals with that too and thought I would share a video with those of you interested in any of this. I will be releasing a book on Reiki and crystal healing later this year. I also use crystal wands to move energy around in a room. It is kinda like a magic wand. Yes it is a magic wand.