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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day four of the Ayurvedic diet

Today I will share with you the importance of breathing or what is called, “Prana” or “Pranayama.” Anyone who does yoga knows about the importance of breathing and how this is actually a healing technique that helps to bring about balance.

There are several different types of Pranayama. So as with the differences in Doshas we will use a specific type of breathing. For Pitta they should perform what is called, “A Left Nostril Breathing.”  You will inhale through your left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. You will use a finger to shut off the nostril you are not using. For instance, when you go to inhale close off the right nostril and when you go to exhale close off the left nostril.

So try to picture this you holding one nostril closed with your pointer finger and then switch and use your thumb this will allow you to move it quickly. This exercise creates a cooling effect in the body by enhancing female energies.

For a person whom is a Kapha like me, when you do this exercise you will inhale into the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril using the same fingers as mentioned above. This will actually cause a Kapha to heat up instead of cool down.

A person whom is a Vata should perform this by alternating nostrils and breaths to bring balance.

For anyone who is obese you should do a breathing technique called, “ The breath of fire.” This will make you feel hot. You should take a deep breath in and exhale quickly through your nose. You only breathe through your nose. Do for one minute and then rest for one minute and do for another minute and then rest for one minute and then do it for one minute and then you are done. According to this book I am reading, “Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing-A practical guide” by Vasant Lad. You can get this at Amazon.com.

He mentions that doing this breathing exercise is like running for two miles but only when someone who is obese and overweight. I am thinking that means for those of you who are not overweight it will not work for in that way. However it still can bring you energy and can be done by anyone of the Doshas.

I did this breathing exercise for the first time tonight and let me tell you I got hot within 30 seconds of doing it. I find it hard to keep using my nose so I know this will be a huge adjustment but I am going to keep doing it to see what will happen.

One thing the author does mention is that it might make you sweat and get really thirsty and for you to remember to drink warmer drinks or water that is room temperature but not to drink icy cold drinks because they actually increase build up of fat in one’s body.

When you engage in Pranayama breathing it helps to clear the mind and for you to focus. For some it brings in needed energy. For others it can help them to lose weight. As part of the Ayurveda lifestyle this should be added on a daily basis to other things that have already been mentioned here on this blog.

I will share some you tube videos for your viewing and learning. I myself am a visual learner and find it much easier if I can see what I am reading. So I try to have some sort of video or pictures for you to see.

For those of you that read last night’s post and know that I had a slight headache well it is gone. I feel pretty good today and notice that I have more energy and less lethargy. I am also not as hungry as I was yesterday and have eaten less today than I did yesterday. Now since I am a Kapha I am to only eat when hungry and no other times. I have learned to drink several cups of tea more than five in a day and have not been putting ice in my water, which is huge!!

I hope some of you reading this and thinking about wanting to try this lifestyle, I hope that you decide to. If anything adding meditation and the breathing techniques could potentially add years to your life by lowering stress and blood pressure. Let alone if the weight comes off and you will feel better in the end.

I would like to share that I already am less congested than I was before I started this program. I have had chronic sinus issues for many years, more than 10. I struggle with my nose closing up at night every night. I don’t have to have a cold for this to happen it just does. I have seen multiple doctors and they say everything looks fine with my sinuses but that surgery may be the only cure and that is not even a guarantee.

I have heard about the terrible surgery of the sinuses and have known people who say it didn’t help at all and others that said it saved their lives. Well after learning about the Ayurvedic diet and how the foods I was eating everyday led to the congestion I hate. I realized that I had to try this diet and lifestyle change. I love the fact that at night my nose is open and clear and that I have less mucus hanging out in my throat for me to want to cough up all the time.

My boys both have difficulties with their sinuses and now I am adding into their diet some of the stuff I am doing. My oldest son is about 30 pounds overweight and I have him eating the same foods I am eating and teaching him about meditation and had both boys doing the breathing with me tonight.

I am curious to see how this might even end up helping my oldest son with sleep. He wakes in pain in his back and just allowing yourself to relax like the meditations do can help your body be ready for sleep. He also has ADHD so am excited to see how this might help him to relax and to concentrate.

By the way if you ever have any questions please feel free to ask. I will try to connect you with the answers you deserve. I know most of you are waiting for me to add recipes and cookbooks. I am still collecting and have shared some all ready on pinterest so you can go there and check the information I have at

Here is the first video of the breathing

Here is another one that i like
So there you go you could see the two different breathing techniques I was talking about earlier in this blog.