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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 1 of the Ayurvedic diet

Today is a day of gathering information. I have obtained a book called, “Ayurveda: The science of Self-healing” by Dr. Vasant Lad. A practical guide. I picked this book up at amazon on kindle for less than 8 bucks. I wanted a thorough understanding past what I learned about this way of life on the Dr. OZ show. Today I am spending time reading and learning. I will be sharing some informative videos for you to watch so that you may also learn more about this way of life and eating. Supposedly if you eat the way your body needs you to you feel lose the extra weight and feel all around better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I myself have decided to try this as a way of healing my physical body and who doesn’t want to get rid of the extra baggage they carry around.

So far today I have been drinking ginger tea and lemon tea. I also made turmeric tea and it tasted pretty good. For the first time I feel warm instead of freezing ass cold.

My recipe for the turmeric tea for you to try at home.
Boil 8 oz of water add
1 tsp turmeric,
1 tblsp lemon juice,
1 tsp black pepper
 and 1 tsp honey. Just mix it up and drink.

It works well for me to drink this because I am a “Kapha” and I should add more spicy foods into my diet. I have been drinking ginger tea and lemon tea and now a licorice tea that is all caffeine free since I really need to kick the coffee habit. I am doing this slowly. I am still drinking a cup of coffee in the morning with my creamer. I need it right now and will get rid of it later and over time.

I am only eating the three meals per day that the ayruvedic experts believe I should be doing as a Kapha. They say that you will burn fat and this is the reason for not eating every two hours like I was doing before. Instead I should eat only the three meals per day and these should be good meals of the foods you can eat.

So far for breakfast I had chicken, quinoa (first time eating this) it was spicy with garlic and ginger oooh burn baby burn. I ate an apple and had one cup of coffee with my fat free creamer that I love.

For lunch blackberries and chicken salad I did eat this cold but with hot ginger spicy oooh lala tea.

Since I should be eating more beans, which I don’t eat very often. I am making split pea soup for dinner and will be eating that with a salad and some fruit maybe apples and black berries and sunflower seeds added to my salad.

That’s all I will eat for today. I don’t even know about calories counts they say not to worry about that but it is more about eating a certain way each day for what type your body is. I can drink tea with honey to get me until bedtime we shall see how this works I usually have a snack around 10 pm before I go to bed at 12.

So far so good. I feel satisfied and full and not hungry at all and no cravings for the usual suspects such as chocolate and ice cream.  The things I love to eat.

Kapha are supposed to try to exercise but with my injuries that is out for now and am doing exercises taught to me in physical therapy which actually can help you build muscle and lose inches of fat.

  1. If you have an exercise ball one of those big ones then put it on your stomach and lie flat on your bed or if you can the floor and place your hands up on the ball and push it toward your knees. It is like doing a crunch but not really and it doesn’t hurt your back and does tighten up those ab tummy muscles. Do 10-15 times take a rest and do another 10-15 and move on to next exercise.
  2. Take a small ball and place between your knees and squeeze for three seconds and release do 10-15 of these and take rest and do another 10-15
  3. Take a stretchy band you can buy them at walmart or kmart. Tie the band together and while lying on your back place around your knees and tie it and then open legs as far as you can go and hold for three seconds and relax do 10-15 take break and do another 10-15
  4. Sit up on chair take elastic band put under the middle or ball of foot and pull it toward you and push your foot forward on the band away from your body. Do 10-15 each leg and take rest do it again.
  5. Also while sitting in chair place feet on floor and flex foot toward floor like if you were standing on tip toes or you can stand at your counter in your kitchen and do push up on your feet like trying to stand on toes and do 10-15 take rest do 10-15 more.
  6. While at the counter do leg lifts out to the sides if you cannot lift your leg up off the floor to what I call “Toe touches” which means moving my foot and having my toe touch floor it comes off the floor maybe an inch I can’t do the regular leg lifts. Do 10-15 of these rest do another 10-15 each leg.
  7. For arms hold a can of food out of your cupboard in each of your hand and hold straight out in front of you for 10 seconds then rest and do it again 10 times.
  8. Now hold arms out to the side for 10 seconds and then rest do it 10 times.
  9. Hold up above your head for 10 seconds then rest do it 10 times.

  1. If you are able to go for a walk then do so by starting a five-minute walk and gradually add more time to it. So take your dog for a walk or cat. Walk out to where your mailbox is and back or end of your street and back or just up the street and back.

If you can’t get out and exercise but have access to a pool you can walk in the pool for exercise and it won’t put extra pressure on your joints and when I get into the pool and get out deep enough where I can still walk but don’t feel the pain. I am able to walk around pain free. Unfortunately I don’t have a pool so I do the exercises I shared with you above and that is all I can do for now. If you have a membership to a local gym they usually have a pool that you can use and usually have classes too for losing weight in the water.

Ok this ends my day one post to share with you. Please check out these videos for more information about this diet. Leave comments and if you are brave enough join me and help me blog about your experience with this diet.

At the end of this journey I may write a book about this experience if those are wondering why is this author sharing this information with us all. The first video is based on the Dr. Oz show and the other two are great short videos just about weight loss with Ayurveda life styles. I hope you enjoy. See you next time