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Thursday, February 28, 2013


I couldn't help myself but to share this warm hearted story or video we should say with all of you. I have been working with individuals with Autism for more than 15 years and I always know that they will amaze us in their lives. I always see the gifts they have to show us. I am open and receptive to seeing them and help parents to open up and see them too.

When stress begins to cloud the visions of one whom parents a child with Autism, it can be hard to see the positive when the child is throwing a tantrum or punching and kicking holes in the walls. You can as anyone can get caught up in the negativity of the moment and it can be hard to see the positive and move forward.

I have seen children when they were three or four and see them when they are older. It amazes me to see them talking, making friends, dealing with anxiety, socializing and trying to adapt and fit in. I have been blessed to work with teens that are in high school and watch them change over the course of some coaching and seeing them date and make friends and trying out for the sports team.

They should be able to do anything they want. Not what we want but what they want. We have to open our ears and listen to them and offer a space for them to tell us what they feel they need help with and help them.

I have witnessed the stress that one is under after receiving a diagnoses of autism. I can tell you that we don't know what they will be like as adults but I can tell you that I have met a many adult who has autism and have gone to college or got married and had families.

I love it when we watch them grow letting them learn how do the things that are hard and to overcome the obstacles in their way. Love to see them grow and especially when they think they can't do something and I say, "I bet you can," and then they do it with new found confidence and then we have a party because whoo hooo you did it.

I of course get as excited as they do. I have a few manuals that I have been working on over the years that I hope to publish. Right now I have a toilet training manual in the works of editing. I hope to get it out to the public by next year.

So the reason I am sharing this video? Because I have seen many of these types of relationships between siblings and if it isn't there in the relationship between your children help them get there.