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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Press Release: Cancer

More than one million people are diagnosed with Cancer every year. That equates to one in three people.

By Jerri Aubry M.S.

Cancer affects many people all over the world. It infests the genetics of most families and seems to spread like wildfire.

When Jerri was a child her first memories of Cancer was when her father was diagnosed with Leukemia. She did not understand what it was or what it would do to her family until later on in her life.

When she was 17 her grandfather was diagnosed with lung Cancer and given less than six months to live. When he died she felt lost and alone. She was unable to grieve and shoved her feelings aside.

When Cancer took her youngest brother she was left frustrated, angry, and scared. She wondered, “When will it come for me?” She found that no one was safe from the diagnosis of this life threatening disease.

“Forgiving Cancer: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey to Peace,” by Jerri Aubry M.S. is a heart wrenching story of survival.

Jerri talks about how Cancer has infected her family and how she was unable to support herself or others as it took each of them one by one. This is Jerri’s story of courage, forgiveness, and the journey she must take to make sense of it all.

Jerri not only shares with you how she supported her mother’s journey to peace, but also speaks of what needs to be done so that you can move on. Tap into her strength as you read about tools and techniques to use to help you and your loved one’s through the process of Cancer. She will teach you how to move on and how to forgive Cancer once and for all.

“Forgiving Cancer: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey to Peace,” is now available on paperback and eBook at Amazon.com and B&N.com.