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Monday, March 25, 2013

Living in a Ghost Story

My newest book "Living in a Ghost Story" by Jerri Cote will be released soon. I am very excited about this new book. It is full of different stories about my personal experiences with ghosts throughout out my life so far. I do plan to continue adding to the book over time as more experiences happen. Since I can remember there have been ghosts or spirits reaching out to me. Why me? I was sensitive enough to hear them, see them, feel them, and smell them.

I know when one has gotten close because it feels like someone is touching me but when I look no one is there. Lately I have smelt smoke around me and it is fairly strong and drives me crazy but I know someone or something is there. I had to ask them to stop smoking it was making me violently ill.

So are these stories real or fake? I assure you they are real. I have always had experiences and some very horrific and some not. Want to know more about them? You will have to read the book to see.

The book is not too long so an easy and interesting read. It will be available at amazon in print and on kindle and at Barnes and Nobles.

This book will be available soon so watch for it.

So for all you ghost story lovers this is the book for you to read. It will keep you engaged throughout the whole book. I hope you all enjoy it. I myself love to read ghost stories about other people's experience and this was the driving force behind sharing with all of you my living ghost story.