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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ghosts are they real?

So do you believe in ghosts? Are they real or made up by Hollywood and the movie industry? Some may say “yes” while others say “No.” What is your personal answer to this question? Have you ever experienced someone talking to you but not know where it came from? Have you ever felt something or someone touch you but you saw no one there?

The TV and movie industry is full of suspenseful ghostly encounters. With the Paranormal Activities near the top of the charts as a movies portraying these videotaped ghost encounters happening in the house. Popular too many of those seeking the intense paranormal experience. No matter if we believe it or not some if not most people myself included are interested in this phenomenon.

The fact that ghosts may or may not exist sits on a very fine line. These are the people that aren’t really sure if they do exist.

I remember when the “Blair Witch” movie came out and people told me how they remembered hearing about this in the news as a child and therefore they believed this to be a true experience.

Droves of people jumped onto the internet seeking the answers to this very question. Was it real? For some they believed it so strongly that they fought and led good arguments about why it might have been real.

What we call Urban Legends became popular in this idea of what is real or not real. However, for many these experiences are real and for some very scary. Not all experiences are like how the movies portray them. In order for anyone to answer if ghosts do exist, one must have a view about life after death.

Do we go onto a better place in Heaven or wherever you believe to be the place we go when we die? Do we stay behind and become stuck here on earth?

For each person this is personal opinion. No one can answer this question for you. It is either a strong “Yes” or “No” there is no place for being stuck in the middle. Even those that vacillate on the line between the two are not able to say for sure.

I myself don’t know anything about the use of EVP items to pick up ghosts but as with anything else ghosts are an energy source just as we are and everything around us. Energy is everywhere and for this reason we are going to pick up energy signals.

With everything Hollywood can do with special effects it makes it difficult for people to know if they do truly exist.

I myself am a scientist in one way or another. I believe in science and the fact that everything needs to be evidence based. However, I have had paranormal experiences in my life and I know them to be real.

Since childhood I have heard voices, felt something touching me, witnessed items flying through the air, and much more.

As a child not knowing anything about these experiences, I was unable to tell others about them. I did not hear anyone else talking about them and my parents had me believing that I was having nightmares.

I realized at a young age that I either was crazy or there was someone there that I could not see. As I grew older my experiences became stronger and I started being able to see them.

Was I scared? Yes, the truth is I was very afraid. I didn’t know what they could do to me and the not knowing is what is scary.

The house was quiet and I fell right to sleep that night. I awoke with a start and practically jumped out of my bed.

I don’t know why I woke but I did and with a jolt. I sat up and could see a figure standing in front of me.

It scared the crap out of me and I grabbed the loaded pistol I kept in my nightstand.

I never took my eyes off whoever it was and they just stood there. I couldn’t see anything but black and no face or hands just someone dressed in a black cloak.

I grabbed my gun and brought it out in front of me and said, “who are you, what do you want?” no answer.

He began moving away from me and heading toward my baby’s bedroom. My heart was racing and I felt a flush of heat all through my body.

I jumped out of bed like I was lit up on fire. I had the gun out in front of me holding it like I would see cops on TV holding onto their gun.

I walked slowly through my dark house which the only filtered light came in from a street lamp on a nearby post.

I continued into the kitchen and it was standing there. It had its back to me and just stood there. I hollered, “You better get the fuck out of here or I am going to blow your head off!”

I had never shot anyone or anything but would do whatever it took to save my baby and myself.

I didn’t know what to do as it began opening the door to my son’s room. It went in and the door was left ajar. I began walking toward it.

I opened the door and looked inside the room. I was able to flip on the kitchen light so I could see. What I saw will forever be burned into my brain.

It leaned over my son’s crib looking at him. I didn’t know what it wanted. I yelled again for it to go away and it was not welcome.

Just as quick as it came it was gone. Disintegrated right in front of me, I couldn’t make sense of it.

This is an excerpt from my book, “Living in a Ghost Story.” I continue to experience ghostly encounters and plan to continue adding to this book.

My book is due to be released soon so watch for it and I will update you on the release date.

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