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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lucid Dreaming: A Beginner's Guide Book on How to Become Conscious in Your Dream by Sam Siv Review

I was very interested in reading this book, because I practice lucid dreaming and I tend to give dream interpretation readings to help others understand the meanings within their own dreams.
This book was referred to me by another professional and since I love to read new books regarding dream interpretation and history, I thought this was a definite for my reading list.
I was very impressed with how well written this book is and how it is laid out. The author delicately shares information that makes you think about dreams and what they may mean. This book is written in a very professional manner by someone who has detailed experience helping others in the dream world. Readers will learn about lucid dreaming and can follow exercises that teaches the reader how to engage in lucid dreaming. The opening of the book covers an in-depth history of dream research and the stages of sleep one reaches each night.
Readers can learn how to affect their dreams and how to remember them as well. The book is an easy read and the author has done a wonderful job of engaging the reader throughout the entire book.
The book speaks of the types of dreams one may have along with techniques to use to help readers remember their dreams. The author does a good job introducing and explaining how to dream and the different stages one will go through during dream state. Readers will learn how to control dreams and how to have out of body experiences.
She even covers the delicate issue of out of body experiences and how science interprets these types of experiences. For those interested in learning how to have out of body experiences, there is a section within the confines of this book that cover this area in depth.
The book contains a dream dictionary with dream interpretations. Readers will learn about dream recall and techniques on how to remember dreams once awoken from one. This book is very educational, and I really enjoyed reading it, and am excited to try some of the techniques listed in this book.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to change how they dream and or understand dream states and sleep cycles. If you are looking for more information about lucid dreaming and get the low down info about why we dream than this book is for you.
Currently, you can find this book on amazon for .99