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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Forgiving Cancer: A Mother and Daughter's Journey to Peace is FREE for the Next Five Days

Forgiving Cancer: A Mother and Daughter's Journey to Peace is now Free from March 21-25 on Amazon.
More and more people are being diagnosed with cancer these days and doctors expect this to continue to rise. When I was going through this process with my mother, I felt lost and wished that I had the support of a book like this before I faced this type of situation.
As part of my healing and letting go process of losing so many people to cancer, I wrote this book in hopes to help others who may be facing what I faced.
This book is about my story, but also contains information about what I had to do.
This book has a 5-star rating on Amazon, and people tell me that they found this book helpful, so I hope you all grab a copy while it is free.
On my next visit to the hospital the social worker for the hospital wanted to meet with me. The nursing staff let me know this, and so I visited my mom until she came for me.
I left and followed the woman. She was about 5ft 2 in tall, with wavy blonde hair. She seemed to be in her mid to upper 40s. I followed down the hallway until we came around a corner to her office.
She told me to have a seat while pointing at one of the two chairs available to sit in. She closed the door and sat down. She had a warmness to her, she made me feel safe.
We talked for the next half hour regarding my mom’s ability to care for herself. She told me that she would need 24-hour care and that she needed to have two people who were strong enough to pick her up to get her transferred into a wheelchair.
She told me that the doctors would be recommending for her to enter into a nursing home at the end of the six weeks of treatment. In the meantime she would stay until that day.
I didn’t know what to think. What was I supposed to do? I promised I wouldn’t put her in one, and here I was facing the choice about what to do. She suggested a few homes for me to go and check out, and that she wanted to make arrangements as soon as possible.
I was so upset I started crying right there in her office. She was supportive telling me that she understood what I was going through. She too had to go through the same predicament with her dad.
She told me that to hire a nurse to come in would cost too much and under my mom’s insurance, which is Medicare like most seniors her age. There were only few homes they paid for and those were some of the bad ones in town.
I had no choice. I didn’t have the money to put her into a better home. My mom didn’t have the money to pay for a better home or to hire someone.
I asked the social worker to write down names and addresses of the homes, and that I would visit them the following week for walk through visit and choose one.
The next day during my lunch break I went to look at one of the homes. I thought it looked okay and the people seemed happy who were there.
The staff seemed pleasant and the place was clean. I liked it and it was close to my work ,so I could visit during my lunch breaks.
I went to look at the other places and the looked pretty bad and I didn’t want her going to them. I chose the first one I saw and let the social worker now so she could set it up.
Now I had to tell my mom the bad news.
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