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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Do you have HS? Many people are undiagnosed with this disease and it could be silently killing us

Hello Everyone,

As everybody knows, I have been doing the Paleo diet for the last few weeks. I wanted to let you know how things have been going so far. I have lost 10 pounds and lost my sweet tooth cravings. I have downloaded many recipes and are constructing new ones of my own to help feed my family. I went down a dress size, and I am in the middle of my third week, but I wanted to share with you why I am doing this diet.

I have had difficulties with losing weight for 16 years, and I have lost weight and then gained it back and then some. I also have Hashimotos hypothyroidism. I have found out much interesting information regarding thyroid issues and weight loss and weight gain. Over the next several months, I will be sharing a post each week on one specific area about weight loss, paleo, autoimmune diseases, food, and much more.

This week I am sharing a personal story with you about me and my family. I recently found out that I have HS or better known as Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I have lived most of my life plagued by this and it’s embedded in my family, and my oldest son has this already. So what is HS? It is a chronic skin disease that appears to look and act as acne, but it is not just a bacterial infection such as acne. Instead, this disease causes boils to come up, and these take months sometimes years to heal but they never heal.

It appears that they sit under the skin and come to the surface to erupt. The boils are quite painful before they burst and drain stinky fluid. Mine would drain and fill up again and do it all again and take many months to finally heal. Or so I thought they healed but in reality they were waiting under my skin for the next eruption. The boils make tunnels under the skin, and more of these boils will pop up in the same area over and again. It is like an underground tunnel and city. The boils connect to each other and can interfere with a person's lymphatic system especially for those who get boils under the arms and near lymph areas.

The boils do not heal, and this is considered a disease with no cure. There are many treatments for this disease but once you quit doing the treatment the boils come back to haunt you and embarrass you once again. My younger brother had this bad when he was a teen. He began getting the boils during pubescence at the age of 13, and he was plagued with boils all over his body. My mom took him to doctors and specialist, but they never knew what it truly was and treated acne that never helped because it was not acne. It was heartbreaking to watch my brother be embarrassed about having these all over his body. I felt terrible but at the same time was so happy that I did not seem to have this problem.

When I was 23 years old, I work up one morning to find a boil on my cheek. It hurt terribly, and I thought what the heck is this crap? It took six months of it popping and filling back up before it finally went away, but it did not it moved behind my ear. It was so embarrassing when it would pop while I was out with friends and drain blood and fluid and people would say "Um you need to go take care of that" as they pointed to my face.

Finding out this information made me feel relieved and scared at the same time. I have been seeing many doctors about these boils and they say the same thing it's just acne. They have me treat with acne products that don't help. I recently had one boil pop up under my nose, and it drained continues for a month and within in two months it began drying up only to have one pop up right next to it doing the same thing drain and drain for months. I was terrified that I might have cancer or some weird thing because I never had these boils do this before. Thank goodness they finally went away only to pop up somewhere else in my body usually on my shoulders or neck.

I found out that if not taken care of this disease can cause skin cancer that is what happened to my younger brother. He had these boils all over his back and didn't think anything about it when one did not heal for a year, and finally it began to hurt badly, and he went to the doctor to find out he was already in stage 4. He died at the young age of 36 years old and left a family of five children behind who will also have this disease.

In the last week, I have talked to more than a dozen people who also feel like they have this disease and it’s embedded in many families. I contacted my older siblings, and they too have this, and so do their kids. Okay, so I am sure you are all wondering what do we do about it?

Well, what I have learned while doing this Paleo diet is that there are foods that are causing these outbreaks and boils.  Okay, so do you know about the nightshade plants that are considered toxic? Well, I am about to bust your food bubble. Here are some foods that belong to nightshades and are toxic if you eat them. Potatoes not sweet potatoes but regular white potatoes are nightshades. Eggplant, tomato, yes tomatoes oh no I love spaghetti and tomato sauce and now I cannot eat it at all or I could and deal with my health issues caused by eating them. Also, all peppers including bell, sweets, and hot. Paprika is part of it, as well. I know much info also elderberries are one, as well.

After finding this information out HS, and the nightshade food it was the day after, I had made eggplant parmesan and the next day my sons tongue swelled up just a little, and it hurt. All of his taste buds were swollen, and it was from eating the eggplant parm well I through the rest away along with potatoes and peppers and the tomatoes in my house.

It has been two, and half weeks of not eating those foods, and my boils on my back are going away. I cannot see them or feel them anymore. The scars I had from these are getting better and lighting up, and I feel so much better. Who knew that I had been eating toxic foods almost every day of my life? Not only is it difficult to lose weight when your body is fighting off the toxicity caused by the disease it can lead to other autoimmune diseases like Hashimotos that also is caused and triggered by these foods and more, but that's for another post.

I would love to hear from you about your experience or if you think you have this disease as well. Or tell us what do think about these toxic foods we have been eating and feeding to our children that are slowly killing all of us. Share I would love to read your comments.