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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Losing Weight with Green Tea

Hey Everyone,

Well, this is my second post regarding the post on losing weight with green tea. I recently went to the doctors, and I lost another pound. It has been one month since I began the Green Tea challenge and I have lost a total of three pounds. I know that sounds like barely any, but I didn't change anything in my life, and still lost weight (this never happens). Over the last few weeks, I have been more emotional than normal, and been turning to sweets for comfort. I thought for sure I would have gained five pounds if not more. I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office, and it showed that I lost weight once again. I did not change anything in my diet, and I have injuries that keep me from being able to exercise to lose weight. I drink my green tea now like clock work. It hit me that what if I tried to lose weight? Meaning stop eating the junk and start eating healthy. What would green tea do for me? I believe it would help me to lose weight consistently.

I have never been a good dieter. I can do it, but when I have cravings I want to eat what I want no matter what, or I get irritated. I guess you could say that I don't have will power, so let me share my experience thus far with dieting and weight loss.

I gained a lot of weight with my first child 17 years ago, and was diabetic while pregnant making weight loss difficult. After I had him I could lose some weight, but not enough, and then I would just give up and go back to eating normal, and just maintain my weight.

Ten years ago I quit smoking and gained a bunch of weight, and my body just kept getting bigger. I tried many diets and exercise with no real results. I had no idea what it was that was going wrong. I was working out 90 minutes a day, and eating around 1500 cal per day, and burning an average of 6000, and should have lost weight, but didn't. How frustrating, right? Yeah, I just said to heck with it all and stopped everything.

A year later my thyroid killed itself off with Hashimoto's. I thought ahh this is why I have such issues and now we know this and can fix it. I went on thyroid meds, and they didn't help, and tried a different thyroid med, and it did not help. I then went to a doctor who helps with weight loss and he put me on a very restrictive diet. In the studies he was conducting the diet should have a 12 pound a month weight loss. I lost a total of 20 and that was all. For months, I ate only what he directed me to and lost nada, nothing, zilch.

Talk about frustration, I was at my witts ends here. I then just gave up, and ate whatever I wanted. In 2011 I was injured at work and this has left me unable to work or live my regular life. The doctors keep telling me that the only thing that will work is gastric bypass. Well I know people who have had this and some were good results and one died from it. I really didn't want to have problems with nutrition and being healthy so I have been avoiding it. Of course the fact that I would need to pay a bunch of money out of my own pocket has kept me from it too.

The doctors blame my weight onto my difficulties that actually come from my injuries. I feel that I need to lose weight just to prove to them that it is more about the herniated discs in my back and the fact that both my knees were damaged to the point of needed to be replaced, but I am only in my 40's so I can't get that done for at least 15-20 years.

So, I heard about the green tea and know someone who lost near 100 pounds drinking it everyday and she did change her diet. But now she keeps drinking it, because she wants to stay thin and healthy. Green tea not only is good for obesity it has anti-oxidants that help repair cell damage. I drink four cups of green tea a day. If there are others like me who have struggled to lose weight, I would love for you to take the green tea challenge and let me and my readers know about it.

I will be back in a few weeks to update everyone on my Green Tea Challenge.