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Thursday, December 10, 2015

I recently purchased some amazing essential oils from “Blue World Naturals.” This is a fairly new company offering essential oils for a reasonable price. I purchased two oils, “clove and orange,” to use as holiday scents in my home. I really loved the scents of these oils. The orange smells as if I peeled an orange and my home smells of scents of clove and orange as you enter. I am glad I purchased the clove oil, because I ended up with a toothache, and I was able to use clove to calm the pain. Since I was happy with my purchase, I thought I would share with my audience information about the company since I am a satisfied customer.

Clove oil
is used for a variety of therapeutic reasons. It can be used as an antiseptic and to reduce pain. It can be used to reduce facial skin issues such as acne. It can also be used to reduce headaches. By using 3-5 drops in my essential oil diffuser I have been able to reduce my migraine type headaches by 50%. I also take a drop on my finger and apply to my temples to also help alleviate headaches.

Orange oil can also be used for a variety of reasons. I use it because I love smell of fresh peeled oranges but I can’t eat them do to irritation of acidic properties caused from fresh oranges. This oil is strong, I only need to use a few drops placed into my diffuser and immediately fills the house with the smell of the holidays. I also add drops of both the clove and orange into a spray bottle of water and spray windowsills and around based boards and behind furniture to keep spiders at bay. This works like a dream and is healthier for you than to use chemical products that are very unhealthy for humans and animals to breath or ingest.

Blue World Naturals has a variety of essential oils that come from small distillers, farms, and co-ops. All of BWN’s oils go through a rigorous quality testing by an outside company and the reports for these tests are displayed on each of the essential oils listings. 
 “All of our oils are therapeutic grade and contain no contaminants or pesticides,” stated Galen Walter, CEO and Founder of Blue World Naturals. “We want our customers to always be safe, happy, and healthy. This is one of the reason I wanted to undertake and start this company.”

All the oils offered through Blue World Naturals come labeled for “external use only,” due to regulation and liability. Galen shared information with me about how some oils can be dangerous if ingested because of the strength of the oils. Such as Cinnamon is considered a “hot oil” and can easily cause burns if ingested. I found the information that I received from Mr. Walter to be of great use to make me feel at ease with using essential oils that I have never tried before.

The company offers safety information on all products so customers can feel at ease when purchasing essential oils from Blue World Naturals. For each product readers can read about the current testing done from each product, you can find this information on BWN’s website, www.blueworldnaturals.com.

“My hope is that you too can take advantage of the high quality essential oils our family and friends already do! Please feel free to contact me with any questions,” Galen Walter.

I spoke with Mr. Walter on several occasions and he was very responsive to my questions regarding the company and the products offered by Blue World Natural.

If you are interested in the company or their products feel free to contact them. Also I want to mention that there are several offers happening on the essential oils right now.

If you buy 5 bottles you get one free. There is also free shipping for orders over $29, and if you sign up for the newsletter you can 10% off your order.

Here’s all the contact information for the company.

Galen Walter-Owner
Blue World Naturals
Office: 561.570.6254