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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Losing Weight with Green Tea


I imagine you all have been waiting for me to post an update about my weight loss with green tea. I have lost another two pounds and just from drinking the green tea each day. I recently began drinking more Oolong tea in the day. I am up to five cups of green or oolong tea per day. Here is what I have noticed thus far. My face has cleared up, like I used to get cystic acne and I haven't had any of this on my face and when a pimple has appeared it goes away in a short period of time. I noticed a canker sore in my mouth a few days ago and normally these would last for two weeks before healing, but the next evening it was gone. I don't know if this is from the tea, but I am optimistic that it is and it is the healing properties of the tea that have helped me.

I will continue to drink this tea and see where I can go with this for weight loss. At this point it seems very slow, but I am not dieting or depriving myself of any foods that I love either. Drinking the tea helps to relax me and feel good. I still drink it cooled off about an hour after I make it, which is about an hour after I eat my main meals.

I am planning to add this to a protein diet and see how it can help me to lose these extra pounds that I carry around with me each day. Has anyone else tried the tea and lose weight? I am anxious to know how others have been successful with this program.

I will be back in a few weeks to update you on my weight loss. So far I have lost 5-6 pounds total without diet or exercise just with drinking at least three cups of green tea a day.