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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Writing a Short Story

Her heart pounded as she ran through the forest. Gasping for air, she hid behind a tree. What is following me? She thought to herself. Snarling could be heard from behind. It was getting closer. She pulled out her sword holding it between her hands. It was cold. It shook as she felt her body shuttering as the snarling came closer. Gasping for air, her lungs rattled as she tried to catch her breath. Quiet, everything went quiet. She peeked around the tree only to face evil. The eyes stared deep into her blue eyes. The hairs stood up on her arms as she began to back away from the beast. It moved stealth like as it moved closer. Holding the sword out in front of her, “Stay back,” she yelled.

She knew it was going to leap. It crouched down, dark in color it was almost unseen against the blackest of night. The piercing red eyes stared her down causing fear to flare within herself. As it leaped, she turned to run. It landed on her back. She screamed for help, but no one was there to help her. She tried to turn over as she felt the piercing pain as it clawed her back. Her hands out in front of her she tried to pull herself free. The pain was intense and rendered her paralyzed. She passed out.

She woke with a start. Wondering if she was alive, she looked around. The sun’s rays shined through the trees. Remembering the beast, she rolled over. She was covered in blood. It dripped from her hands. Blood dripped from her sword as she held it up to the sky. Her head was throbbing. She pulled her long black hair off to the side and could feel the stickiness of blood stuck to her hair. It hurt to move as she tried to stand up dizziness kept her from standing.
"Who are you," a voice came from behind. As she turned her head she saw a man sitting on his white horse. He dismounted, and walked toward her. Fear of being hurt, she reached for her sword, but could not find it. She rummaged through the leaves that covered the cold, wet ground. Nothing. "Where is my sword?" she asked. "Who are you?" she asked. "They call me, Jeremiah," he said while reaching his head out to help her stand up.

  • What do you think so far?
  • Where do you think I should go from here?
  • What do you think I should title it?
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